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About this site - 150th

The 150th anniversary microsite is a subsite of the External System’s main website.

The 150th site will be used throughout 2008 to keep you up-to-date with our anniversary activities and celebrations as well as details of the External System's 150 year history.


The University of London External System takes website accessibility and usability seriously and the Web Team is committed to an ongoing process of implementing modern 'web standards' for the External System's website (in an effort to reach as many users on as many browsers, platforms, and devices as possible - including mobile devices). The standards being worked to include those recommended by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as well as best practice recommendations in the wider web community; developments also take into consideration relevant legislation, such as the Special Education Needs and Disability Act (2001).

Listed below is a summary of some of the 'standards' we have implemented as part of our ongoing accessibility initiative:

  • Resizable text – if, for example, you find the text size too small on these pages, you should be able to increase it via your web browser - If you are unsure about how to do this then please contact us, email: The Web Team.
  • Printing - web pages on this site have been optimised for printing.
  • Navigation – we have endeavoured to provide a number of intuitive (and alternative) navigational options throughout the site, including: side navigation, breadcrumbs and a Site Map... every internal page has a link back to the 150th homepage and the External System homepage. If for any reason you are unable to use a mouse you should be able to 'Tab' through the site (including forms) via your PC's keyboard.
  • Graphics – on the majority of web pages we have limited the use of graphics to reduce download times.
  • Browsers/Operating systems - The site has been tested in a variety of web browsers on different operating systems. Although the site is best viewed in a modern standards compliant browser it should degrade gracefully (being both accessible and navigable) in older browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer 5. Note: many modern browsers have various functions for enabling the user to modify elements of the look and feel of a site (assuming the site has been enabled) - for example, if using Firefox (external link) to view this site, you can change the font colour and background colour - to find out more email: The Web Team.
  • Video - where video is used it is accompanied by a textual description.
  • Flash - in certain areas of the site we have used Flash - to view the Flash objects you'll need a recent version of Adobe Flash Player - you can download the latest version for free from the Adobe website [external link] . Note, where possible we have tried to provide alternative options to Flash, e.g. PDF documents.

We appreciate that accessibility and usability are ongoing and complex issues; consequently, we would welcome any additional comments and/or suggestions about our web accessibility initiative. Moreover, if you have experienced any accessibility and/or usability problems specific to this site please let us know, email: The Web Team.