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Sweet, sweet victory

Student blogs - 6 hours 23 min ago
On the 18th I got my results. While I was very tempted to publish a post a few hours after having checked my results, in the end I decided to wait at least 24 hours to cool off and I am glad I did. My previous post felt a bit like I was bragging, and … Continue reading Sweet, sweet victory

Rules of engagement

Student blogs - 19 July 2017
This post is written by Mariann, student member of the Inclusive Practice Panel I am sure that many of you already know the feeling. It’s July, the days are longer, the sun is out and you have just finished your spring exams. Take a deep breath. You know that you have done your best and … Continue reading Rules of engagement

Spirit of continuity

Student blogs - 13 July 2017
Countless hours of sleeplessness, anxiety, struggling to read, reading and thinking critically have paved the way for a fresh round of challenges, which I look up to. The finals have long been over and I hope to have done well. The post examination experience has deceived me of my expectations of a hollow feeling of … Continue reading Spirit of continuity

To Read or Not to Read, Is that the Question?

Student blogs - 06 July 2017
Do I have to read a lot as a student of University of London? How much should I read? How do I tackle the extensive reading lists?

Changes to the programme structure 2017-18

Undegraduate Laws blog - 30 June 2017
Next academic year will see the final changes to the Programme structure.  You’ll see this  most obviously in the modified fee structure which now betterContinue reading

Gemstones of this course year

Student blogs - 26 June 2017
To complement my last post, I decided to write about the most helpful resources I used this year in order to prepare the two modules I had registered for (‘Intro. to English Language’ and ‘Renaissance & Restoration’). Almost all of these are specific to the BA English degree syllabus, but perhaps students from other disciplines … Continue reading Gemstones of this course year

Now that it’s over: Reflections on my CertHE experience

Student blogs - 15 June 2017
I was extremely busy from January to April preparing for my CertHE in English exams that I did not post to the UoL student blog during this period. Now I have completed my exams and enjoyed a period of rest, I think it is a good time to reflect on the period that has passed … Continue reading Now that it’s over: Reflections on my CertHE experience

Post-Exams: What Next?  

Student blogs - 13 June 2017
What to do now that exams are over?

A year’s evaluation (2016-17)

Student blogs - 06 June 2017
My, my. What a roller-coaster this year has been, phew! I see myself now in a very different place from the starting point of my journey. Throughout this year I have reconnected with myself, learned one or two new things and basically enjoyed getting lost in books. If you are anything like me, you probably … Continue reading A year’s evaluation (2016-17)

Preparing For The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Awaiting Exam Results

Student blogs - 01 June 2017
Have you seen the episode of ‘How I met Your Mother’ where Marshall is waiting to see if he passed the New York state bar exams?  The conflict is that he lost his password and can’t log into the candidate portal, which means he was to wait even longer to see if he passed or … Continue reading Preparing For The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Awaiting Exam Results

Processing Exam Results And Farewell, My Fellow Peers!

Student blogs - 23 May 2017
Having been so busy studying all the time, I was already in my third year when I discovered the University of London International Programmes Official Student Blog and decided to join the clan of student bloggers. My first post on the Official Student Blog was ‘Beginning of the End’ in September 2015, and here I … Continue reading Processing Exam Results And Farewell, My Fellow Peers!

Journey update: Being Confident In Your Exam Preparation

Student blogs - 11 May 2017
My examinations are over. It is hard to believe, and right now I feel a bit lost. Suddenly my mornings are free, and although I have a to-do list for the forthcoming months (a pretty long one), there is some weirdness in this sudden lack of structure. I wanted to write here in part to … Continue reading Journey update: Being Confident In Your Exam Preparation

Judicial independence and the Brexit case

Undegraduate Laws blog - 10 May 2017
This post has been contributed by Charlotte Crilly, Teaching Fellow for the Undergraduate Laws Programme.   Two of England’s most senior judges have recently spokenContinue reading

Top tips for exam revision

Undegraduate Laws blog - 09 May 2017
This post has been contributed by Charlotte Crilly, Teaching Fellow for the Undergraduate Laws Programme. General exam tips Before the exam Try to do some revision withContinue reading

Exams are coming: Do you have a plan

Undegraduate Laws blog - 08 May 2017
This post has been contributed by María Belén Bastone, Alumni Ambassador. This short video highlights some techniques and general advice on planning for the examinations.FiledContinue reading

Brexit and its impact on intellectual property law in the UK.

Undegraduate Laws blog - 04 May 2017
This post has been contributed by Professor Jonathan Griffiths, Module Convenor for Intellectual Property.   June 2016’s referendum on membership of the EU is likelyContinue reading

Bridging the Gap Between Exams and Results

Student blogs - 04 May 2017
Hello readers! I put our next conversation in the form of an interview, its topic being “what to do in the time after our last exam and before we receive our results“. The content doesn’t exclusively reflect my own experience but I mostly drew from discussions with friends and myself. Hope the exchange will provide … Continue reading Bridging the Gap Between Exams and Results

Are You Behind in Your Studies?

Student blogs - 20 April 2017
When writing fiction an author has two ways to create a sense of tension and urgency in a reader and set the pace of the story. One is a time lock. The other is an option lock. A time lock means the character has X amount of time to accomplish Y and avert the consequences. … Continue reading Are You Behind in Your Studies?

ADO Den Haag v United Vansen: Absence of an express choice of law under Article 4 Rome I Regulation

Undegraduate Laws blog - 19 April 2017
This post was contributed by Dr Emmanuel Maganaris, Module Convenor for Conflict of laws. The case of ADO Den Haag v United Vansen (PRC) is aContinue reading

Study tools I find useful – Time to shift gears and nail the exams!

Student blogs - 11 April 2017
2017 has been an extremely eventful year and the first three months have flickered by in no time, but more about the eventful things later! The onset of April means, for most of us students, exams are around the corner. This is by no means my intention to set in ‘testophobia’ amongst all of us taking … Continue reading Study tools I find useful – Time to shift gears and nail the exams!
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