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Experiences of being a student, distance learning, work/life balance.
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Apps and tools to boost study skills

8 hours 9 min ago
As UoLIP students, we may feel like we are left to our own devices too much, and sometimes we struggle to organize ourselves, find material or muster the motivation to accomplish our goals. Luckily, we live in an era where having Internet access means finding a solution to almost any problem, and student life can … Continue reading Apps and tools to boost study skills

The Survivor’s Guide (part 1)

8 hours 9 min ago
For my inaugural blog I thought I would convey some of the wisdom I have gained as a grizzled veteran of 7+ years of post-secondary education. As I embark on my second, hopefully final, year of the LLB program, the thing I would like to convey to you first-year students is that it is possible … Continue reading The Survivor’s Guide (part 1)

The surprise pros of distance learning

12 October 2017
Distance learning is a fabulous alternative for busy folks who have difficulty going to college. You don’t need to spend your time to go to an institute or campus as long as you have a computer with internet access. Surprisingly, not only you have more flexibility and control over your study plans on a daily … Continue reading The surprise pros of distance learning

I am not doing this for the fun of it

12 October 2017
I have never written a blog before but I thought it would be interesting to give a slightly different perspective on life and the reasons for doing the MSc Professional Accountancy course. Just a warning, unlike some of the other bloggers, I don’t see the studies as a “calling”, I have studied over the past … Continue reading I am not doing this for the fun of it

Thinking outside the books

05 October 2017
If you’re like me then books are not your best friends. Even worse, you may have bought a ton of books to fill up the bookshelves and all they’ve done is gather dust. For some, you may have bookmarks placed somewhere in the middle pages of three different books, which you’ve vowed to complete for … Continue reading Thinking outside the books

How I work my reading lists

03 October 2017
As you may know, this year I am attempting for the first time ever to sit for three modules (‘Augustans&Romantics’, ‘Victorians’ and ‘Moderns’). Up until now, I have been doing two modules per year, but last year’s marks have encouraged me to take on a new challenge. It also helps that I have already read … Continue reading How I work my reading lists

Choose your partner wisely

28 September 2017
No, this is not an advice column on relationships and its ups and downs. This is about how you structure your studies when you are on your own without any institutional support behind you. This blog entry is for those brave souls who are so committed to self-study that they – as Captain Picard said … Continue reading Choose your partner wisely

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

26 September 2017
15th August, 2017: in the spirit of continuity and the flow of time, it was again that time of the year when the heart starts beating like a thoroughbred galloping horse. We would get to know the results of how we fared in the examination. Staying in London for the past two years during this … Continue reading “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Economic Geography of the movie industry

21 September 2017
For the following year, I’ve decided to pick among other modules the module of Economic Geography. After I’ve already studied a few, I feel more and more passionate to learn more about this field of study and I find myself already trying to identify key concepts of this area of study and correlate them to … Continue reading Economic Geography of the movie industry

Oh summer, where are thou?

19 September 2017
We are already in September, and mixed feelings start to bubble up to the surface. On the one hand, I would love to keep the relaxed routine we have had for the past month and a half. On the other, however, I am bursting with anticipation at the new things I am going to learn … Continue reading Oh summer, where are thou?

Sustainable Student: Minimalism 101

14 September 2017
They say many of our habits acquired during our formative years stay with us for the rest of our lives.

On my way to finding what I’m looking for

30 August 2017
U2’s classic song I still haven’t found what I’m looking for is still as relevant as it was when the song originally came out. The sentence captures our relentless pursuit to find the one thing that makes us happy or fulfilled. I am the first to admit that I am still searching. That’s why I … Continue reading On my way to finding what I’m looking for

My Opportunity To Admire The International Space Station

10 August 2017
It was July 26, 9:47 PM. This night, believe it or not, my life changed. It was in the afternoon when I was informed that the International Space Station would be visible to the naked eye, starting at 9:47 pm local time and for five minutes from then. I was, of course, very excited. My … Continue reading My Opportunity To Admire The International Space Station

What can we learn from Einstein?

04 August 2017
Have you ever cursed the pure memorization of facts just to pass an exam? Then you are in very good and prominent company indeed! Albert Einstein was known for his distaste of the learning of facts and argued that education should not be the learning of many facts but rather the learning to think. Indeed, … Continue reading What can we learn from Einstein?

Visiting London for the LSE Summer School

28 July 2017
It was my maiden voyage to London. It was also my first visit to the world-renowned university – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The LSE Summer School, taught by professors with deep expertise, attracts knowledge seekers over to world. With frequent public lectures, talks and debates by distinguished guests on current issues ranging … Continue reading Visiting London for the LSE Summer School

Sweet, sweet victory

25 July 2017
On the 18th I got my results. While I was very tempted to publish a post a few hours after having checked my results, in the end I decided to wait at least 24 hours to cool off and I am glad I did. My previous post felt a bit like I was bragging, and … Continue reading Sweet, sweet victory

Rules of engagement

19 July 2017
This post is written by Mariann, student member of the Inclusive Practice Panel I am sure that many of you already know the feeling. It’s July, the days are longer, the sun is out and you have just finished your spring exams. Take a deep breath. You know that you have done your best and … Continue reading Rules of engagement

Spirit of continuity

13 July 2017
Countless hours of sleeplessness, anxiety, struggling to read, reading and thinking critically have paved the way for a fresh round of challenges, which I look up to. The finals have long been over and I hope to have done well. The post examination experience has deceived me of my expectations of a hollow feeling of … Continue reading Spirit of continuity

To Read or Not to Read, Is that the Question?

06 July 2017
Do I have to read a lot as a student of University of London? How much should I read? How do I tackle the extensive reading lists?