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How to survive the examination period stress

7 hours 29 min ago
It’s that time of the year. With only two months left to the commencement of the University of London International Programmes (UOLIP) examinations, examination period stress must have set in for students already. I graduated last year but even I’m feeling tense already. Around this time, last year, you could find me in the corner … Continue reading How to survive the examination period stress

Time management during examinations

21 February 2017
Hello readers! I hope your studies are proceeding well and as expected. As we head toward exams, I’d like to share a few ideas with you. In a previous post, we briefly discussed a plan of action to start our academic year. However, that post looked at planning from a long-term perspective and focused on … Continue reading Time management during examinations

Find a Pattern of Studying That Works – Be Your Own Superhero

16 February 2017
How to make a study plan working towards the exams. Firstly, you must decide what your aim in the upcoming examination session is. That is, do you wish to just ‘pass’ or are you working towards exceeding your own expectations and truly succeeding. If a pass is sufficient for you, then relax and continue to do … Continue reading Find a Pattern of Studying That Works – Be Your Own Superhero

Life is all about making the right decision at the right time

14 February 2017
Hello Folks, my name is M.Usman Aqeel, a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), SAP Financials Associate Certified, and recently enrolled on the MSc in Professional Accountancy programme with the University of London. I am currently working in the construction industry as an Asst. Finance Manager with a group of companies in Dubai, … Continue reading Life is all about making the right decision at the right time

How I Plan to Have a Productive Year

09 February 2017
Here are my three Rs for 2017: revisit, recover and renew; created so that a systematic approach would help me in meeting my resolutions for 2017. Another year has passed, and whether 2016 was a productive year or not, (what has passed is the past) I am ready to leave it where it is. However, … Continue reading How I Plan to Have a Productive Year

Choose your Own Adventure: formative assessment

07 February 2017
I remember having one of those books of Choose your Own Adventure when I was a little girl. If you also like reading, these books offered an exciting new possibility over the universe of just one closed end. As I was uploading the formative assessment essays of Renaissance and Restoration, it just occurred to me … Continue reading Choose your Own Adventure: formative assessment

How to take Good Notes!

06 February 2017
“Law school is no joke.” That’s what a friend of mine said when we last talked about my study program. He wasn’t lying. He’s a professional athlete, a downhill skier. He inspired me to think of note-taking like one of his epic runs to the finish line on a Super-G (super giant slalom) course – … Continue reading How to take Good Notes!

How Will I Choose My Courses?

31 January 2017
I have wanted to say Happy New Year for a few weeks now but felt I really had to work this out first. Sooooo, I’m sitting here in post-fact America trying to decide what courses to select for the new term.  There are a lot of excellent options to choose from. This required a good … Continue reading How Will I Choose My Courses?

Film Industry: A profitable industry or another political institution?

26 January 2017
 “Do I have to be cruel to be kind?” Shakespeare had once written in Hamlet. Now, time has passed and things have changed. People are entertained by almost the same things as in the past. Theatre gave way to the movie industry and cinemas are now one of the most common ways to escape from the hustle … Continue reading Film Industry: A profitable industry or another political institution?

“Use every spare half hour wisely!”

19 January 2017
Happy New Year friends across the World! Hope 2017 has been a great year thus far with many more happy days to come! That time of the year has come and if you are like me, then you are already beginning to stress yourself. Exams are just around the corner, so this is our time … Continue reading “Use every spare half hour wisely!”

Journey Update: Smelling the snow

19 January 2017
You know that expression that tells “you should stop to smell the flowers?” Well, I wish we had flowers now in good old Luxembourg, but it turns out we are covered in snow. So instead, I am smelling the snow and trying to devise a plan for the second half of this course year. As … Continue reading Journey Update: Smelling the snow

Making a Productive Start to 2017

17 January 2017
To all of you who spent the holidays blissfully ignoring the subject guides like me, the New Year rings in the realisation that there are hardly 4 months to the final exams. As 2016 begins to fade into a glimmer and we are faced with a lot of catching up in terms of study goals, I would like to share some of my strategies for coping with post-holiday time crunch.

Review of the Year 2016

13 January 2017
Another year goes by as we mark the beginning of a new year. For some people, 2016 may have been one of their best years to date, while for some, unfortunately, it may have been one of their worst. From a more global perspective, I am sure you all will agree with me in marking … Continue reading Review of the Year 2016

The Personal Growth Model

10 January 2017
By my definition, personal growth describes the process after which higher personal life quality has been reached. In economic theory, we assume that individuals behave in such a way as to maximize their own utility. By this, society benefits as common wealth enhances. Common wealth is measured as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But the “World Happiness … Continue reading The Personal Growth Model

How exercise benefits cognitive ability

05 January 2017
‘No pain, no gain’ a few of my friends at the gym tell me. Some people like to train with weights, others with gymnastic machines, while others are simply training with aerobic exercises. But they all want to feel healthier and definitely look better after some months of exercising. We all know some of the … Continue reading How exercise benefits cognitive ability

What I want to say aloud this Christmas

23 December 2016
Are you willing…. to stop asking how much your friends love you, and to ask yourself if you love them enough; to bear in mind the things that other people have to bear on their hearts; to trim your lamp so that it will give more light and less smoke, and to carry it in … Continue reading What I want to say aloud this Christmas

Are You a Superhuman Studying for a Degree?

22 December 2016
I felt like a superhuman. I could be in multiple places at one time, engaged in various activities, and converse with more than one person at the same time. I felt that I was invincible. Wouldn’t this make me the smartest person? Getting distinctions for my exams shouldn’t be difficult, right? Well, not quite. Recently, … Continue reading Are You a Superhuman Studying for a Degree?

A desk of one’s own

20 December 2016
I am one of those people sensitive to the amount of chaos around. If things are tidy and clean I find myself in good humor, but if things get out of hand, I turn into a grumpy, muttering Grinch. I know life can be messy: clothes running around, wrestling my dear dog into taking a … Continue reading A desk of one’s own

The reality of your first year at university.

13 December 2016
Hello I am Janathri Weeratunga and I am from Sri Lanka. I am currently a 2nd year LLB student with the University of London International Programmes. As many students, I too started my first year straight after my A/Ls and I was pretty enthusiastic (at least in the first few months). I was a newbie to … Continue reading The reality of your first year at university.

Legal Reasoning: Learning to Think Like a Lawyer

06 December 2016
Attending law school has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. Now that I am a law student, every time I sit down to study I tend to react like someone opening a surprise gift from a loved one. It is a wonderful feeling. It helps me keep track of my … Continue reading Legal Reasoning: Learning to Think Like a Lawyer