Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors

How to find an Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors are graduates who can assist prospective, new and current students with studying for a University of London degree through the University of London International Programmes.

They can advise you of how they managed their studies successfully and offer tips about balancing their study with work and family commitments.

Alumni Ambassadors have completed a range of qualifications and you are free to contact any of them for help and advice in either of the two following ways:

Become an Alumni Ambassador

If you’re a graduate of the University of London who studied through the University of London International Programmes (or External System), you are invited to apply to become an Alumni Ambassador.

As an Alumni Ambassador we will use the following details on our website, on other University of London International Programmes promotional materials and our leaflets:

  • your name
  • email address
  • qualification
  • year of graduation
  • a short biography about you.

Potential students will contact you primarily via email, but you may also be invited to participate at Open Days and in social media activities.

To apply email