Recognition of prior learning (also referred to as Accreditation of prior learning)

What is recognition of prior learning?

If you’ve studied a syllabus as part of a previous qualification, this may mean that you’re not required to take a particular module/course of your University of London International Programmes degree. Prior learning may be evaluated and accredited against particular learning outcomes of a module/course within your International Programmes degree. An academic subject specialist will consider your earlier learning, and will confirm the credit value if the learning is relevant to your programme of study. The process is referred to as accreditation of prior learning, frequently abbreviated to APL.

We are only able to consider formal learning undertaken and assessed within the previous five years and at an institution which we recognise. The outcome of accreditation of prior learning is that you are judged to have completed the study and assessment of a particular module/course of your International Programmes degree, and this will be formally recorded. Your transcript will indicate the credit value for any module/course where prior learning has been recognised and accredited. The mark you achieved for the earlier learning is not carried forward to your record, and will not contribute towards the award classification.

We use two methods for recognising prior learning:

Automatic accreditation of prior learning

There are certain qualifications where we have assessed the courses that make up the qualifications and consider them to be suitable for accreditation in the context of a particular award.  This we refer to as ‘automatic’ accreditation of prior learning.

To be considered for automatic accreditation you must make a formal application and provide the necessary evidence when you apply for your programme.  We will only be able to consider your application for automatic accreditation of prior learning once we have received the necessary documentary evidence. There is no fee payable for this.

The following programmes recognise and accredit specific prior learning. The prior learning is frequently a qualification awarded by specified institutions or professional bodies. Visit the programme pages to find out more.

Discretionary accreditation of prior learning

You may also apply for other courses you have studied to be recognised as prior learning on an individual basis, referred to as ‘discretionary’ accreditation of prior learning. Where you wish this to be considered you need to include details in your programme application.

To see whether prior learning may be recognised and accredited for the programme you are joining, refer to the Recognition of prior learning and Credit transfer section of the relevant Programme Regulations.

A fee is payable, which is non-refundable, for each module/course that you want us to recognise and accredit as prior learning.

What prior learning is likely to be recognised and accredited?

If you have successfully completed a programme of study which compares in level, content and standard to a module/course of your degree programme then your previous learning may be recognised and accredited. You will need to provide us with evidence of your previous learning.