Costs to get your degree

A prosepctive student getting information about the cost of our degrees

Information about costs

Once you have paid the application fee other fees to the University consist of; payments for registration for each year of study, examination fees and text books. If you choose to attend classes locally to support you with your studies, the institution at which you study will also have fees which you pay directly to them.

The costs you will need to pay include the following:

Undergraduate application fee

The application fee is charged when you submit an undergraduate application for specific courses. Please check the relevant course page to see if an application fee is payable. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Undergraduate registration fees

When you have been sent an 'Offer letter' you can register for your chosen course and pay an initial registration fee. We can then send out your study materials and give you access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The continuing registration fee where applicable is payable in the second and each subsequent year of your studies before study materials and access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can be provided.

Postgraduate course fees

When you register for a postgraduate programme, you can either pay the full course fee upfront or pay as you go, i.e. pay a one-off registration fee, plus a fee for each module/course/unit you take.

Undergraduate Examination entry fees

An examination entry fee is payable for each examination entry you make. Please check the student fees page. If you do not enter for an examination in a particular year, then no examination fee is payable.

In addition to the examination entry fee, you will have to pay a fee to your local examination centre. This covers their costs for rooms where the exams are held and invigilating the examinations. The University takes no responsibility for the amount of the fee charged or the collection or refund. Details of the current fees can be obtained directly from the centre concerned.

Please note that there is no provision in the University regulations for the refund or transfer of examination entry fees.

Textbooks and other study resources

For most undergraduate courses, in addition to the University fees, you will need to budget for additional textbooks. You can purchase textbooks online see the bookshops page.

For the BSc in Business Administration and BA History core textbooks are included within your course fees, but for any additional reading you should budget £80-£150 per year.

For all other undergraduate degrees, you have to buy your own textbooks and should budget up to £300 per year.

For most postgraduate programmes we provide a complete study package so that you don't have to buy additional books.

If you are studying on a course with a residential period in London or elsewhere you will need to pay for the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence.

For all courses you will need access to email and for most courses you will need to have regular access to a computer and the internet.

Local tuition

If you plan to attend classes at a local teaching centre you will need to pay their fees, which may include an application fee, tuition fees and other costs for use of their facilities. Please check with the institution at which you plan to study what they will charge. For information on recognised centres please visit our Directory of Teaching Institutions.