How to apply

Prospective student applying for a degree

1. Complete the online application form

The online application forms are found on the relevant web pages for each course in the Courses section. Look for 'apply online' located at the top of the page to the right. Please allow about 20 minutes to complete the form. Read more about completing the application form, see advice on completing the online application form.

2. Submit the application form

Don’t forget to add your verified documentary evidence and pay the application fee if applicable to the course that you are applying for. Get more information regarding submission of documentary evidence.

If the University recognises that you have already covered a course syllabus in the same depth and breadth as part of a previous qualification, you may be granted Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) for that course, so that you do not need to study it as part of your degree. If you think this may apply to you, remember to apply on your application form for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) to reduce the time you need to spend studying.

3. Receive our response to your application

Read more about how this works see the application process.

4. Register online to accept our offer

You have until the registration deadline to accept our offer of a place on your chosen course.

5. Pay your course fees

You need to pay your course fees before you can become a student. Once we have received payment, we’ll send you your study materials and study information as soon as it is available. You’ve now joined the worldwide community of University of London students.

Find out more about how you can pay.