Our Contract with You

Download the full Terms and conditions 2016-17 [pdf: 12pgs, 633KB].

As a student you are a ‘consumer’ of education and are entitled to protection within the law. In support of that you will be asked to agree to the University of London International Programmes Terms and Conditions when you initially register with us for your first year of study. The Terms and Conditions contain references to a number of documents setting out our regulations and policies which you should read and understand in advance of agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, which is the point at which you enter into a formal Contract with us. In formalising our relationship in this way, the University is following advice published by the Competition and Markets Authority (2015) to help ensure that the relationship between you and us is balanced and clear, and encompasses respective rights and obligations. As we are bound by English law, the language in parts of the Terms and Conditions may appear rather formal.

Our Terms and Conditions are revised annually. You agree to be bound by them when you first register with the University of London. Thereafter it becomes your responsibility to review them annually. All students are bound by the most current version of the terms.

Below we have outlined some key aspects of the agreement between us which we would like to bring to your attention. The points below are all covered within the terms and conditions.

Key Terms for you to note:

Requirement to pay a Registration Fee – this is the fee which you are required to pay to register with us for your first Academic Year. For some Programmes, this may be included in a module fee as indicated on our website. To progress in your studies, payment of continuing registration fees may be required in subsequent years.

Some fees are non-refundable – where this is the case, it is clearly indicated on our website. Examples include the Application Fee, and the fees charged to consider accreditation of prior learning.

Examination centre fees – there is a separate fee payable to sit an examination at your nominated centre. These charges are set by external examination centres and are payable directly to them. Such fees are not included in our costs set out on the website. 

London examination centres: There is a set charge for sitting at London examination centres, currently £60 per sitting.  Where students elect a London examination centre, the associated fee is added to the examination entry fee and is directly payable to us.

Fees for additional tuition and support through external providers separate fees are payable where you are required or choose to study with external organisations.

Academic integrity if you are found to have submitted work which is not your own, serious consequences may result, including exclusion from future assessments for awards of the University.

Non-payment of fees to the University where you owe us money for tuition-related fees, this may have serious consequences, including affecting your progress in your studies.

Evidence of qualifications – your qualification transcripts or certificates need to be submitted as part of your application. These will need to be verified/notarized as original documents. They way in which you can do this is outlined on our website.