Before you apply

Students looking at a prospectus

Choose the course you want to study

Our courses section contains details of all the courses you can study. You can search by subject and level.

Check the application process for your course

If you wish to apply for the Access Programme for Business Administration, the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, the Certificate of Higher Education in Computing and Information Systems, the Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Computing, the Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences or the International Foundation Programme, then there is a separate application procedure. Please see applying for Certificates or Foundation programmes for more information.

Check if you have the necessary qualifications

The course information pages explain what qualifications you will need for each course, see the requirements tab for your chosen course. Where possible the University will always try and advise an applicant on eligibility prior to submitting a formal application. However, due to our increase in workload we are unable to provide this advice between 1 September and 30 October of each year. If you submit an application and are not eligible, we will advise you about what further exams you need to become eligible.

Check the study requirements

Check the course pages to make sure that you can meet the requirements for studying your chosen course. For example:

  • some courses require you to have regular access to the Internet
  • some require you to regularly submit assignments as well as sit examinations
  • some require you to take part in regular online discussions.

You will also need to be sure that you can allocate sufficient study time to your course.

You may also want to attend classes locally for study support. Check at your local institution to see if there are classes for your chosen course, see the Directory of Institutions.

Check the course application deadlines

These are given on each course page, see Find a course.