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The University of London has excellent professional development opportunities – whether you're a student looking for the next step in your career, or an employer wishing to sponsor your employees to study one of our courses.

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How do our degrees support career progression?

"You are from an accredited institution."

Taking an internship with Ernst & Young Malaysia helped Jeron Lee Kenzhen to secure a position as an Audit Associate before he had completed his Accounting and Finance degree.

"Several months after completing my internship, EY called me and offered me a job in any department I desired. I was able to clinch the job partly due to the brand name of University of London programme that I was pursuing, and partly due to the impression that I had left during my two-month internship."

"I've just been offered a new job."

The Master of Laws (LLM) helped Deborah Regal become the top-performing salesperson in her team. She was then headhunted by a firm for her distance-learning attributes.

"I was headhunted by a firm that really switched on to my graduate studies. They enjoyed the fact that I had something different, particularly in law. The University of London LLM really helped me stand out from the crowd."