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Student considers career options in a fast-paced environment

You’ll boost your career opportunities with a University of London degree. Our graduates are highly sought-after for their versatility and leadership skills.

University of London graduates have gained jobs in many sectors:

  • Banks and financial services companies such as Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank and Citibank;
  • Multinational companies such as Panasonic, Sony and Unilever;
  • Major technology companies, including CISCO and IBM;
  • International agencies such as the United Nations and World Health Organisation;
  • Various local employers.

"Deloitte Singapore welcomes and attracts talented accountants from all over the world. As such, we welcome the contribution and talent diversity that the University of London graduates who studied at SAA Global Education, the education arm of ICPAS, bring to our firm."

Ms Seah Gek Choo, Talent Partner, Deloitte Singapore


The following resources will help you consider some of the career options that are available to you and assist you with planning and managing your workload if you’re studying and working at the same time.

Careers advice

We’ve got recommendations and advice on all of the following:

Getting sponsored by your employer

If you sign up for our courses while you’re working, you’ll be able to bring significant benefits to your employer. To convince your employer to pay for some or all of your course fees, you’ll have to consider what these benefits are and present them in a case.

We have two templates available to help you present a case to your employer.

Further advice: How can I get sponsored?