Manage apps and safeguard your mobile phone

A student downloading apps on his mobile
Freebie mobile apps can come with higher privacy and security risks

Tips to protect your privacy, security and mobile bill by monitoring app permissions Read more »

How to track down good coffee when visiting London

Cuppacino at Store Street Espresso in Bloomsbury
KeepCups are made from a range of brightly coloured BPA free and non-toxic plastic

If you are visiting Senate House in Bloomsbury sample the nearby coffee shops or venture forth to the London Coffee Festival in Spitalfields this weekend Read more »

All go for Instagram

University of London bear at Senate House gate
Fix up your underexposed photos with the handy Lux

We’re up and running on Instagram and have some great tips on getting the most out of the app Read more »

oTranscribe free web app for audio transcription

Screenshot of the oTranscribe app
Transcription made easy: oTranscribe

No need to toggle between your audio player and text editor thanks to this free web app Read more »

Take control of your email with Mailbox

Screenshot of the mailbox app
Keep on top of your email when you're on the move

Overcrowded inbox? Mailbox is a must-have productivity app Read more »

How to keep track of research articles

Research apps and tools for students
Share your research tips and journals with your fellow students

If keeping your notes and papers in order is proving tricky we have some tricks up our sleeve to keep you on top of your research Read more »

Google Maps 2.0 goes interactive

Google Maps Earth logo
Explore new places or discover local favourites in 200 countries around the world

Not just getting you from A to B, now you can create your own map listing your favourite places with Google Maps Read more »

Useful Apps for students

iPad showing a range of apps for studying
Make studying easier and more fun with different Apps

Apps to help you study, manage your time and budget for your year ahead Read more »

Freedom software

Social media icons
Freedom: an escape from the online world

Freedom could just be the most productive app you ever buy Read more »

Google Keep: integrates note-taking and web surfing

Google Keep logo
Google recently introduced Keep, a note-taking service

Google Keep enables you to organise all your notes, snapshots and bookmark websites Read more »

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