Making mistakes is the route to better computing

Applying new teaching methods to computing could yield powerful results

Having the confidence to make mistakes could help you become a more successful coder, suggests Goldsmiths, University of London Read more »

Celebrating National Poetry Day

Notepad and pen
"Poetry acts as consolation to so many"

As today is National Poetry day, it's worth taking a minute to reflect upon why poetry makes a difference to our lives Read more »

A Century of Influence: University of London hosts T.S. Eliot Summer School

T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) was Extension Teacher of the University of London in 1916

The Institute of English Studies is currently hosting the eighth International T.S. Eliot Summer School, 100 years after he became an Extension Teacher for the University of London Read more »

Man, monster, or both? Bringing Beowulf to the gaming sphere

'Grendel', by a theatre group with the University of Sydney for Playing Beowulf
'Grendel', by a theatre group with the University of Sydney for Playing Beowulf

Students at UCL have contributed to a gaming project that is designed to engage people with literature and question the stereotypes that 'demonise' video-game players Read more »

Bedazzled by the Bard

William Shakespeare
The world's greatest wordsmith: William Shakespeare

To celebrate the 450th anniversary of his birth, we look at how William Shakespeare left an indelible mark on the English language Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Dr Marco Gillies

Advanced Graphics and Animation, undergraduate computing degrees from Goldsmiths
Launching this year, the new course features in both of our Goldsmiths-led undergraduate computing degrees

We talk to academic Dr Marco Gillies, co-author of our new course in Advanced Graphics and Animation Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Dr Mary Stiasny

Dr Mary Stiasny
"There’s a huge strength in the federal structure": Dr Mary Stiasny

Our new Dean, Dr Mary Stiasny, talks to Peter Quinn about tradition, innovation and building stronger relationships Read more »

SIM Achievers' Event

SIM Prize Winners
117 SIM students graduated with First Class Honours this year

The Singapore Institute of Management celebrates student successes in this year's University of London exams Read more »

University of London - First English university to launch on Coursera

Online study
Coursera and the University of London: a common mission based around access

The University of London International Programmes becomes the first English higher education institution to offer free courses through the Coursera online platform Read more »

SBCS celebrates success of University of London graduates in Trinidad

Dr Robin Maraj
SBCS Executive Director, Dr Robin Maraj, addresses the graduates

The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, sees the latest SBCS graduates receive their University of London degree Read more »

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