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How to successfully combine work with postgraduate study

A postgraduate student in Singapore
Work out how many items you need to read per week to cover a module

We look at ways to crack this tough nut with determination, planning and useful apps. Read more »

How to manage digital distraction in your studies

A tree in shape of head symbolising memory
Our brains are not hard-wired to multitask which can make us 40% less productive

If you suffer from digital distraction, we examine how you can re-engage and improve your concentration Read more »

Tools to kick-start your academic research

A student doing research at Senate House library
Notability comes with an audio recording feature to help you record your lectures or research

Tips to help you with collating research and apps to assist you with your referencing Read more »

Tips to create a study plan

Two students working on with their study guides
Work backwards from your exam dates to create a basic work plan

Advice from LLM student Toby Boyd and a selection of useful planning schedule apps to plot your year ahead Read more »

Staying calm and thinking clearly during exam time

A student studying for her LLB laws exam
Reduce all stimulants like caffeine

Tips about managing well-being during times of stress and exams Read more »

Improve your memory for exams

A postgraduate student studying for organizatinonal psychology exam
Wordplay – uses a vivid phrase with humour, colour or mnemonics to help you remember

With exams around the corner we take a look at tips to sharpen your brain and some apps to boost your memory Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Hema Thakur

BSc Banking and Finance graduate Hema Thakur, of India
"Relating a line in The Economist back to my banking and finance study guide felt so satisfying": Hema Thakur

India-based graduate Hema Thakur talks to Suraya Saleh about banking and finance, blogging and her top study tips for success Read more »

Speed up your reading skills

A student reading a study guide
Proficient speed reading relies on breaking habits

A look at ways to improve your reading and memory retention abilities plus some useful related tools Read more »

Developing a love of law

Daniel Chua at the ATC graduation.
Daniel Chua at the ATC graduation.

Malaysia's Daniel Chua, who graduated with a First Class LLB in 2013, talks about studying law in Malaysia, mooting, and offers some study tips Read more »

How to cite correctly and avoid plagiarism

A distance learning student in Senate Library
Deliberate plagiarism in coursework is as serious as cheating in an examination

Before starting assignments gain a better understanding of plagiarism and how to avoid it Read more »

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