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Manage your study time with useful tips and apps

A student using a study app
Check your emails at fixed points during the day and let your voicemail take calls

Help at hand for students to get more out of managing and planning time for studying Read more »

Seven tips for balancing study with work

Woman studying on sofa
Some helpful tips for balancing study with work

Advice from the University of London International Programmes Read more »

Turning off from technology to focus on study

A post graduate student checking emails
Check your email and status updates at fixed points during the day

Apps for students to limit social media and advice to help with technology distraction Read more »

Tweeting for academics and students

Follow specific academic profiles to keep up to date with new research

Use Twitter to improve your studies and networking future Read more »

How to keep track of research articles

Research apps and tools for students
Share your research tips and journals with your fellow students

If keeping your notes and papers in order is proving tricky we have some tricks up our sleeve to keep you on top of your research Read more »

Honing your skills for postgraduate study

Postgraduate student doing research for her degree
Postgraduate study contributes to both your personal and career development

From reading skills to time management, our top tips on the tools you will need to undertake further academic study Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Eeshah Khalid

Eeshah Khalid, University of London LLB graduate 2013
Eeshah Khalid, LLB graduate 2013

Pakistan’s Eeshah Khalid talks to Suraya Saleh about achieving the top mark worldwide in the LLB and offers advice to others considering the degree Read more »

Squaring the Circle: Life, Work, Study

productivity graphic
"My experience taught me to actively manage life, work, and study processes": Caowrites

BA English student and US-based blogger, Caowrites, tells us about her top productivity tips Read more »

Study tips for outstanding results in University of London exams

From meditation to maintaining discipline: Ayesha Tariq's personal study roadmap

Karachi-based BSc Business graduate, Ayesha Tariq, reveals her five top tips for success Read more »

Infographic: flashcards

flashcard infographic
Engaging your metacognitive faculties: the humble flashcard

They've been around for decades, but when it comes to exam time flashcards can be incredibly effective Read more »

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