study tools

How to keep track of research articles

Research apps and tools for students
Share your research tips and journals with your fellow students

If keeping your notes and papers in order is proving tricky we have some tricks up our sleeve to keep you on top of your research Read more »

Honing your skills for postgraduate study

Postgraduate student doing research for her degree
Postgraduate study contributes to both your personal and career development

From reading skills to time management, our top tips on the tools you will need to undertake further academic study Read more »

Tips before you start your dissertation

A student doing research for her dissertation
A student doing research in Senate House Library

How to tackle your dissertation with flair Read more »

Useful Apps for students

iPad showing a range of apps for studying
Make studying easier and more fun with different Apps

Apps to help you study, manage your time and budget for your year ahead Read more »

Google Keep: integrates note-taking and web surfing

Google Keep logo
Google recently introduced Keep, a note-taking service

Google Keep enables you to organise all your notes, snapshots and bookmark websites Read more »

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