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Profile on: Timothy Khoo ShiXian

Graduate Timothy Khoo ShiXian
"Like riding a motorbike without a helmet": windsurfer and graduate Timothy Khoo ShiXian

BSc Economics and Management graduate Timothy Khoo ShiXian talks to Peter Quinn about mind maps, precious metals and near-death experiences Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Saba Aziz

Graduate and tennis star Saba Aziz
"Self-study gave me the flexibility I needed to pursue my passion for tennis": Saba

Lisa Pierre talks to BSc Mathematics and Economics graduate Saba Aziz about heavy textbooks, pre-game rituals and being named in Pakistan's 100 women who matter Read more »

It's Not What You Say...

Dr Pia Pichler
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at Goldsmiths, University of London: Dr Pia Pichler (photo courtesy Roger Thelwell)

Ever wondered what the things you choose to talk about reveal about you? The University of London is researching how we use language to construct our identities Read more »

How to conquer the Crow Pose

Avi Woolman
Triple digit growth rate year on year: Avi Woolman

In her quest to land the perfect pose, Lisa Pierre seeks advice from MBA International Management graduate, Avi Woolman - yoga expert and founder of Read more »

A tale of love and education

Cameron Paige
"I like being patted on the back": Cameron Paige

Graduate Cameron Paige tells Lisa Pierre how an everyday browse through the bookshelves of the British Council's Mozambique office changed her life Read more »

London Connection Q&A: Adeolu-Ayodeji Adelodun

Adeolu-Ayodeji Adelodun
"The future is promising": Adeolu-Ayodeji Adelodun

BSc Information Systems and Management graduate Adeolu-Ayodeji Adelodun talks to Lisa Pierre about his academic journey, life on an oil rig, and Africa’s future Read more »

Enhancing the Global Student Experience

TIm Gore, Director of Global Networks and Communities
Tim Gore speaking at the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education 2012 Global Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Two conferences in Kuala Lumpur explored the unique factors that come together to create a rich student experience Read more »

A law degree that's not just for lawyers

Professor Jenny Hamilton
Professor Jenny Hamilton, Director, University of London Undergraduate Laws Programme

A University of London law degree is relevant in many careers, as a growing number of working professionals in Singapore are realising Read more »

From filing lawsuits to directing film shoots

LLB graduate and novelist Ken Sibanda
For his latest novel LLB graduate Ken Sibanda has moved into the world of detective fiction

The US-based lawyer and LLB graduate Ken Sibanda has forged a parallel career as a poet, writer and film-maker Read more »

Bournville College teams up with University of London

Norman Cave and Professor Jonathan Kydd
Norman Cave (Bournville College) pictured left with Professor Jonathan Kydd (University of London International Programmes)

Bournville College extends its HE provision by offering University of London degrees in computing and business Read more »

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