Combined Degree Scheme

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Explore two subjects in a combined honours degree

The Combined Degree Scheme is for those who want the flexibility to study two subjects in a major/minor combination. You gain subject knowledge in two areas, so you can explore subjects you are passionate about, broaden your intellectual capabilities, and potentially increase your career options.

You can choose from a full BA, or a Certificate / Diploma of Higher Education, depending on how far you wish to take your studies.

How it works

You choose a major and a minor subject from English, Philosophy and Theology. Computing is also available as a minor option. 75 per cent of your degree will be made up of courses from your major discipline, with the remaining 25 per cent from your minor discipline.

The award title reflects the combination and weight of subjects. For example, BA English with Philosophy indicates you studied for a Combined Degree with a major in English.

Combinations available:

Increase your career prospects

As well as a breadth of knowledge, a combined degree will equip you with valuable transferable skills that will be useful in a range of careers. Studying by distance learning helps you develop your independent thinking and analysis, self-organisation and self-discipline - skills that are important wherever your career takes you.

Learn from the experts

These combined degrees draw on the academic expertise of three of the University of London's Member Institutions.

The Philosophy programme has been developed by Birkbeck, University of London, which has one of the highest ranking Philosophy departments in the UK. Goldsmiths, University of London, one of the UK’s leading creative universities, is responsible for the English and Computing courses.The Theology courses are now academically directed by University of London.

Flexible study options

You can choose from a full BA (12 courses), a Diploma of Higher Education (8 courses) or a Certificate of Higher Education (4 courses).

The Certificate is an ideal option if you don't feel ready to commit to a full degree programme or don't have the qualifications to meet our entrance requirements. Once you pass the Certificate, you can transfer your registration to the Diploma or BA. You can also transfer to the BA on completion of the Diploma.

You have up to eight years to complete your degree so you can fit your studies around your other commitments.

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