Alumni ambassadors by country

Alumni Ambassadors are graduates who can assist prospective, new and current students with studying for a University of London degree through the University of London International Programmes.


Martin Catchlove - Organizational Psychology (MSc and PGDip)

Martine Catchlove student ambassador

Originally a chemical engineer in the  global oil and gas industry, Martin extended his international experience into public sector performance improvement in the UK.  He completed an MSc Organisational Psychology in 2008 and currently consults to blue-chip and government organisations in Australia.  His primary focus is on major program management, including strategy and governance, trouble-shooting and delivery of organisational transformation programs and $billion capital infrastructure.  Martin also leads a not-for-profit aid organisation supporting community development projects across Asia-Pacific.


Dr Joe Johnson - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Former public servant Dr Joe Johnson currently resides in Canberra and completed his LLB in 2002. He went on to study an LLM specialising in International Law at the Australian National University and is currently Chair of the Australian Antarctic Place Names Committee.


Dr Les Mighalls - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Dr Les Mighalls is a Melbourne based dental surgeon who completed his LLB in 2004. He is a now also an Equity Partner in a Business and Taxation law firm and a Registered Migration Agent.


Dr Irmgard Bauer - Infectious Diseases (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Dr Irmgard Bauer is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences at James Cook University, who completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases in 2003. Her research focuses on Travel Medicine and tourism's impact on local health in developing countries (especially Peru).


Karen Kuchel - Economics (Graduate Diploma)

Karen Kuchel completed her Diploma for Graduates in Economics in 2006. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) in 2007 (University of Melbourne). After graduating, she worked with Accenture as a management consultant, and was a data analyst at Australia Post. She is now part way through a Masters degree in architecture and lighting design at the Parsons New School for Design. She currently lives in New York.


Paul Pearce - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Paul Pearce was the Member of Parliament for Coogee (2003-2011). He graduated with his LLB degree in 2005.



Kevin Butcher - Organizational Psychology (MSc and PGDip)

Kevin Butcher student ambassador

Graduated (merit) 2010. Kevin  is a retired Bank technology executive (now part time independent consultant) in Toronto and is married with three children. He can advise on Organizational Psychology, balancing studies with a busy life and successful participation in online discussions and  preparation for exams.


Akber Ahmed Choudhry - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Akber Ahmed Choudhry student ambassador

Project Manager Akber Ahmed Choudhry lived in Toronto and completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Laws in 2006 before completing the LLM. He now lives in London, UK and owns a software company.


Bernard MacLennan - Infectious Diseases (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Bernard MacLennan resides in Nova Scotia and is a registered microbiologist, who completed his MSc Infectious Diseases in 2006. He teaches in the Bachelor of Health Studies (Public Health) program at Cape Breton University.


Rafail Veli, LLM, Canada -
Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)
Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

The University of London is ideal for busy professionals like myself who want an intellectual challenge combined with flexibility in their study schedule.

The University of London’s flexible study options enabled me to balance studying for my LLB with working full-time as a management consultant in Canada. I then went on to study for my LLM in Computer and Communications Law, while undertaking his Bar Examinations.

Having completed a first class LLM in ICT laws, I completed my Bar Studies at UWE in Bristol and was called to the Bar as a Barrister in late 2011. I currently sit on the  Board of  Directors for the Canadian Institute of Management and act as their Professor of Business Law.

In addition, I'm now exploring options to relocate to the Caribbean as a Barrister at Law  specializing in IT, IP and Telecoms Laws. I also offer services as a Civil and Commercial Mediator accredited by the ADR Group  and hold the coveted  Chartered Secretary (FCIS), Chartered Manager (FCMI) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) titles. My added services include counsel on all matters related to governance, regulatory, compliance and management consulting areas for clients.

Watch a video testimonial.


Keith Johnson -

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, a Business Systems Analyst in Calgary, Canada, completed his BSc in Information Systems and Management in 2012, and has been working in the ICT field for over 12 years.  Keith can advise potential students on the challenges and rewards that a University of London degree provides; he can also provide guidance to current students in exam preparation, time management, material sourcing, and balancing work, life, and student demands.  His experience is that his degree has been invaluable in understanding, and bridging, the gap that most often exists between ICT and the business organisation.


Andrea Williams - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Andrea Williams completed her LLB (Hons) in 2012, and is now enrolled in the LLM programme with the University of London. While studying Andrea has worked in the corporate real estate group of a US multinational. She would be pleased to offer assistance on how to balance an independent study schedule with work. 

Ryan Needham - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Ryan Needham

Ryan Needham completed his LLB in 2011 and is having his law degree accredited in Canada through the National Committee on Accreditation. Before embarking on his legal studies, Ryan worked as a sub-contractor within the construction industry for many years. The University of London LLB presented an opportunity to change careers and to learn a new set of intellectual and practical skills. The University of London International Programmes allows for a flexible learning schedule to study law while balancing a home and work life. Ryan can advise on study skills and in maintaining this balance.


Chris Milroy -
Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)
Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Chris Milroy

Canadian Chris Milroy holds an LLB, BA Philosophy and is studying for an LLM with the University of London. He completed a BA in Philosophy in 2010 and is finishing his LLM. He is also a qualified physician working as a Forensic Pathologist. He works in academia and a hospital. He has practiced in the UK and Canada. He can advise on distance learning study and exams.

Paul Nolan - Laws, postgraduate - International Business Law (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Senior counsel with the Department of Justice for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in my 23rd year of service (2014) to Her Majesty in Right of Newfoundland and Labrador. My primary areas of responsibility include natural resource law, corporate and commercial matters and procurement. I wished to pursue further study at the Master of laws level for personal accomplishment and enjoyed the University of London experience, which I was able to accommodate during my employment.

April Hexemer - Epidemiology (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Alumni ambassador: April Hexemer

April Hexemer studied for an MSc Epidemiology as an international student from 2009 until 2014. During her studies, April worked full-time at the Public Health Agency of Canada in the Outbreak Management Division, a unit responsible for detection of and response to national enteric illness outbreaks. April is happy to connect with both prospective and current students to share advice on balancing studies with other commitments and insights about the program in general.



Jessica Silungwe - Business Administration (BSc)

Jessica Silungwe, Alumni ambassador

Zambian Ms Jessica Silungwe completed her BSc Business Administration in 2014. Prior to this Jessica studied a Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology at a College in Zambia and has worked as a Laboratory Technologist in Microbiology at the University of Zambia for 10 years. She hopes to change careers to management. Jessica can advise on study skills, and how to balance one's work, family, friends and leisure time while studying on a part-time basis.


Maureen Banda - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Alumni ambassador: Maureen Banda

Maureen is a Zambian Lawyer with nine years post-Bar experience in corporate and commercial law in leading legal firms and government agencies in Zambia. She has a Master of Laws in Corporate and Securities Law from the University of London International Programmes; with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Zambia. She is currently employed as Director Legal & Corporate Affairs with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, a government agency under the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry.

Maureen can provide advice in corporate services management investigations, corporate secretarial work, corporate advisory work, commercial drafting, Competition and Consumer Protection legal issues, as well as securitization. She can also advise on effective communication, planning and time management, analytical skills; as well as administrative and personal organisational skills.



Golam Sorwar Bhuiyan - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Golam Sorwar Bhuiyan

Golam Sorwar Bhuiyan completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 2006.


Faria Binta Alam - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

My three years as a student of the University of London afforded me the opportunity to discover UoL's strengths as an educational institution. The reviews of the university from alumni highly encouraged me to become part of it. It has been an amazing learning experience.

Sohana Chowdhury - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Sohana Chowdury Alumni Ambassador for Bangladesh

I was born and brought up in Dhaka. It is the small and busy capital city of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is still a developing country and living in it has always made me feel the need to help the vast number of under privileged. This made me wish to build my career in the legal arena of the country. I graduated in the Diploma in Law in 2009 and the LLB Hons in 2011 from the University of London through the University of London International Programmes. I have now completed my bar exam and am practicing in Dhaka.

From my work and experience, I realise that it is the most versatile subject that opens up lots of fields. I will be delighted to help my fellow and future students with my experience throughout the course. I can suggest study techniques I followed or should have followed as the studies and research greatly differ from that of local universities. Most importantly, I can assure them about their career prospective as I found the degree very prestigious and well accepted in our country and furthermore, it is the best route if one intends to become a barrister in the United Kingdom.

Md. Mahdiul Haque - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Md. Mahdiul Haque, Alumni Ambassador

Md. Mahdiul Haque completed his LLB in 2014. He is currently studying for a Master’s in Criminology under the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mahdi has been involved with various organizations regarding book reading programmes throughout his academic life. He knows about study materials and the difficulties that student’s face regarding examination related issues. 


Md. Salah Uddin Bhuiyan - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Md. Salah Uddin Bhuiyan is an advocate and legal consultant in a widely known law firm at Dhaka. He is able to help prospective students by giving study tips and information about admission of the University of London International Programmes.

He says: "Doing the Bachelor of Laws from University of London International Programmes was one of the best decisions in my life that I have made. I found the course really diverse and it greatly assisted me in securing a position within a reputed law firm in the Bangladesh."


Saumitra Sarder - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Saumitra Sarder

Saumitra Sarder graduated from the University of London with an LLB in 2010. He went on to complete his Bar Professional Training Course in the UK. He is currently a practicing Barrister-At-Law in Dhaka, working on both civil and criminal cases. He can offer advice on study skills and how to manage hectic study pressure with working as well.


Zafreen Chowdhury - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Zafreen Chowdhury

Barrister-at-law, Zafreen Chowdhury completed her LLB in 2009. Before embarking on her career as a barrister, she acquired an LLM in International Commercial Law at University of Westminster. She is an accredited mediator and is currently working as a litigation paralegal at HM Revenue & Customs in the UK. Zafreen can advise on study skills and provide mentoring support to students pursuing a legal career in the UK and abroad.



Farah Saleh - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Farah Saleh, Alumni Ambassador, BSc Computing and Information Systems

Farah Saleh completed her BSc in Computing and Information Systems in 2013. Farah can provide advice on many fields including the CIS modules, emotional support and sports.

Watch her video on YouTube: Student Inspiration: Farah Saleh, BSc Computing and Information Systems, Singapore

Jens Poehlker - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Sales director Jens Poehlker completed his Bachelor of Laws in 2006.


Eric Wong - Banking and Finance (BSc)

Eric Wong completed his BSc Banking and Finance in 2002. He is now a sales director at a technology startup and former President of the Student Representative Council at SIM GE.


Peter Thow - Business and Management (BSc)

Peter Thow is from Singapore and graduated with BSc Business in 2008.


Jeremy Bek - Business and Management (BSc)

Jeremy Bek student ambassador

Jeremy Bek completed his BSc Business in 2005. He has previously held senior positions in advertising and marketing. Currently, Jeremy is Head of Country Marketing, APAC at Skyscanner.


Naw Lah Say Wah - Economics and Management (BSc)

Naw Lah Say Wah student ambassador

Naw Lah Say Wah graduated with BSc Economics and Management in 2006. Lah Lah credits the course with benefitting her work in the management of a Church-related, non-profit centre offering an enrichment programme for primary and secondary school students, with the economics component also being useful in enabling the centre work to be more business oriented. More recently, she has been involved in audits of schools and has been working as an office manager in executive recruitment. She is hoping to return soon to Myanmar and set up a pre-school.

Lah Lah appeared in a London Connection article on student opportunities in Myanmar. In October 2013, she took part in the UK-Myanmar education partnership conference "turning policy into action" as an alumni to share her learning experiences. 


Goh Ser Yoong -

Goh Ser Yoong completed his BSc ISM in 2006. He is now an IT Security Compliance Manager with British American Tobacco. With his past experience in working for Consultancy and MNC firms while studying part time, he would be in a better position to advice should there be any queries in terms of IT career path as well as time management.


William Byun - Economics (Graduate Diploma)

William Byun: Alumni ambassador

Managing director William Byun completed his Diploma for Graduates in Sociology in 2006 and his MSc Financial Economics in 2004.


Christina Yew Lan -
English (BA, DipHE and CertHE)
Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Christina Yew student ambassador

Interior designer Christina Yew completed her BA English in 2006. She has since obtained her BA in Philosophy in 2013.


William Ng Wei Lianq - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Ng Wei Lianq (William) has over 12 years of IT related experience ranging from front end support to project management. William graduated in 2005 and currently manages the team responsible for the Card System & Access Control Operations at the Singapore American School.


Kesavaraj (Raj) Jayarajasingam - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Kesavaraj (Raj) Jayarajasingam

Raj has three university degrees: a medical degree from Cambridge University, UK; an MBA from National University Singapore; and now a University of London International Progammes LLB, all achieved while in his 30s. He can advise on studying to pass exams at the first attempt, study techniques, and global education.


Lester Poon - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Lester Poon

Lester Poon completed his LL.B with Honours with the University of London International Programme in 2012. He was working in the insurance industry as a motor claims officer for 2 years while studying part time.

Upon Graduation, Lester went on to work in a small law firm in Singapore, majoring in Conveyancing matters which he is well versed in, handling both private and governmental residential property. He is now a Training Executive with LexisNexis, residing in Singapore.

Lester is well adept in Legal Researching with the Lexis Platform and could provide advice on that aspect. Lester is also able to advise on study skills and how to balance daily schedule with studies.

Lester is currently embarking on the journey for his LLM and hopes to commence his BPTC in 2014. 


Wong Boon Pin - Business and Management (BSc)

Wong Boon Pin alumni ambassador

Wong Boon Pin is a Human Resource (HR) professional. He graduated from the University of London via University of London International Programmes with a BSc Business in 2011. He studied full-time for this programme with Singapore Institute of Management.

Prior to his undergraduate study, he has been awarded a Diploma in Horticulture & Landscape Management. As of 2013, he is studying for his Master of Science in Management & Human Resources at the London School of Economics & Political Science in the United Kingdom and has worked in HR for 2 years in the telecommunication industry. During his 2 years of work, he studied for a part-time Diploma in Employment Relations.

He is able to offer you some advice in postgraduate studies after undergraduate study with University of London, study techniques and generic career management advice from a HR perspective. He can offer you his study experience with an institution (especially Singapore Institute of Management), the challenges of switching field of study and the challenges of working while studying.


Esmond Hwee - Accounting and Finance (BSc)

Esmond Hwee

Esmond Hwee completed his BSc Accounting and Finance in 2014, having achieved distinctions for 12 out of 13 papers. He is also an MSc Finance candidate with the LSE, expected to graduate in 2016. His work experience includes investment management and advisory. Being a Peer Assisted Learning Leader in school, Esmond can advise on successful studying strategies.



Janis David Petrowsky - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Janis currently finishing his judicial service training, graduated in 2007.


Panagiotis Kanellis - Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Panagiotis Kanellis

Panagiotis completed the Diploma in Philosophy in 2011 and is working towards the BA. He is currently running a very busy schedule as a director in a multi-national consulting company but miraculously always seems to find the time to invest in studying the subject. He believes in the value that philosophy has to offer in all aspects of everyday life and he looks forward offering tips and tricks in meeting the challenges one faces when studying part-time.

Konstantinos Fostieris - English (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Konstantinos Fostieris, Alumni Ambassador

Language school owner Konstantinos Fostieris completed his BA English in 2014. Konstantinos can advise on study skills, and how to balance one's daily schedule while studying on a part-time basis.


Mariam Tokhadze - Politics and International Relations (BSc)

Mariam Tokhadze

After graduating from the Franco-Georgian School in Tbilisi, Georgia, Mariam went to study in Madrid, Spain and completed her BSc in Politics and International Relations in 2012. In March 2013 she  completed an internship with the United Nations Environment Programme in Panama City, Panama. She now works at the Defence Policy and Planning Department of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. 

Mariam can provide advise on how to balance your studying and social life, which in a city like Madrid can be very tempting. Moreover, coming from completely different education systems, one might find adapting to the essay structures a bit of a challenge. She can also advise on how to build your essay in a way that answers the question while not being overly long or too short, both of which are disadvantages while sitting an exam.

Krisztina Horvath - Epidemiology (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Krisztina Horvath

A medical doctor specialising in Preventive Medicine and Public Health in Hungary, J. Krisztina Horvath completed her MSc in Epidemiology in 2011. Currently she works at the Office of the Chief Medical Officer; having previously worked at the National Centre for Epidemiology in Hungary (2006-2012). Krisztina can advise on study skills, and how to balance one's daily schedule while studying with the distance learning option.


Desislava Ivanova - Politics and International Relations (BSc)

Desislava Ivanova student ambassador

Desislava Ivanova completed her BSc in 2012. She recently completed an internship in the Administration of the Bulgarian Presidency. Desislava studied Politics and International Relations and graduated with First Class Honours. Desislava can can advise you on time management, essay writing and subject selection.


Kelly Papacharalambous - English (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Kelly Papacharalambous Alumni Ambassador

Kelly Papacharalambous completed her BA English degree in 2013. Her job for more than 20 years has been to teach English to adults either for academic or professional reasons. She is currently based in Athens.

Kelly can give guidance and tips to those who wish to gain a degree in English.

Slavica Cornij - Business Administration with Human Resource Management (BSc)

Slavica Cornij, Alumni Ambassador

An experienced professional in Human Resource and Change Management practices, Slavica Cornij completed her degree in Business Administration with Human Resource Management in 2014. Slavica has worked in the commercial field of multinational corporations and as a Human Resource Consultant with a UK charity. Slavica can coach prospective students in keeping focus and motivation levels when studying at a distance while being employed.


Svetlana Belic Malinic -

Svetlana Belic Malinic

Principal of a Cambridge International School in Serbia, Savremena Gimnazija, Svetlana Belic Malinic completed her MRes in Educational and Social Research in 2009. Svetlana has long experience in international education and teaching, which she has merged into her PhD thesis. A Pearson's Global Teacher of the Year Finalist 2014, Svetlana will gladly advise you on educational leadership, international education and creative teaching.


Vinh H. Pham - Public Policy and Management (MSc)

Vinh H. Pham

An experienced corporate strategist in market access, business development and public affairs, Vinh can offer advise on current economic and political development in ASEAN, but also on how to build a good strategy ans time management to accomplish a master’s thesis. In addition to his MSc Public Policy and Management, Vinh also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics from the Goldsmiths, University of London.


Ramune Buceviciute - Banking and Finance (BSc)

Ramune Buceviciute

Ramune worked in sales throughout her BSc Banking and Finance studies, and looks forward to sharing her experiences on successfully balancing school and work. Ramune has also completed an internship at UNESCO where she was responsible for financial documentation. Currently, Ramune is working for a financial intermediary which brings together companies seeking funding and investment funds, banks, business angels. At the same time she is pursuing a master's degree in Paris in Finance, Business & Management. Ramune has a genuine passion for finance and she would be very happy to share it with current and future students.


Hong Kong
South East Asia

Amy Li - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Amy Li, Alumni Ambassador, LLB

Amy Li completed her LLB in 2006 and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws specializing in International Dispute Resolution in 2007. She works in public health epidemiology and disease surveillance in Hong Kong. Amy can offer guidance on course subject matter, the benefit of legal studies to other professional careers and meeting the challenges of studying alongside a full-time job.


Hong Kong

Anthony Chung - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Anthony Chung student ambassador

Barrister-at-law, Hong Kong SAR Anthony Chung completed his LLB in 2004. Before changing to his current career as a Barrister, Anthony studied Aerospace Engineering and MBA in the UK, and worked in both commercial and academic fields.  Anthony can advise on study skills, and how to balance one's daily schedule while studying on a part-time basis.


Betty Co -
Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)
Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Legal Executive Betty Co completed her LLB in 2003 and then went on to study for an LLM. She can offer advice on self-discipline and balancing study and your social life.


Chan Ching Hoi - Business and Management (BSc)

Associate Chan Ching Hoi completed his BSc in Business in 2005.


Lo Pui Wah - Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Retired Senior Inspector at Hong Kong Police Lo Pui Wah completed his BA Philosophy in 2006.


Chris Leung - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Chris Leung completed his BSc CIS in 2004 and now works in multimedia development and information management.



Marion Brown - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

LLB graduate (2006), works in finance at the University of Technology Jamaica. 


Chantal Thompson - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Chantal Thompson

Chantal Thompson completed her LLB from the University of London in 2012. She is currently pursuing her Legal Education Certificate from the Norman Manley Law School to become a certified Attorney-at-law in Jamaica, while maintaining her full-time position as a Communications Officer at one of Jamaica's leading Insurance Companies. She also serves as a youth mentor working with children from lower-income homes, providing advice on academic achievements and other social issues. Chantal can provide advice on study skills, tips to follow during preparation for exams, and how to balance study with other daily commitments.


Deniece Aiken - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Deniece Aiken
Deniece Aiken completed her LLB in 2010. She received her Legal Education Certificate from the Norman Manley Law School and is now a certified Attorney-at-Law. Deniece is currently a Director on the Board of the Caribbean Maritime Institute and a Trustee on the Board of Jamaica Maritime Institute Trust Fund. She is also an Executive Member of the Jamaica Rowing Federation and a Trainee Mediator with the Dispute Resolution Foundation.
Deniece's areas of expertise are Civil Law and Litigation, International Law, Maritime Law, Contract and Intellectual Property Law. She can also provide advice on general areas of law.

Marjorie Hibbert - Public Policy and Management (MSc)

Marjorie Hibbert, Alumni Ambassador

Marjorie Hibbert completed her BSc. in Human Resources Management in 2002 at the University College of the Caribbean in Jamaica (2002), and her MSc. in Public Policy and Management (SOAS) through the University of London International Programmes in 2005. Marjorie can advise on time management, study skills, and generally balancing time while studying part time, and balancing daily commitments.


Jessii Wachanga -
Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)
Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Jessii Wachanga student ambassador

Jessii received his LLB in 1994 and went on to receive an LLM in 2000.

Jessii is currently working as the Project Officer for capacity building in anti-corruption, at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). He has been posted to the UNODC country office in Abuja Nigeria where he is the Deputy Project Coordinator for a project titled "Support to Anti-Corruption in Nigeria" which is fully funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNODC.

The LLM from the UOL was a very crucial qualification for his recruitment to the UNODC, as the post required a postgraduate qualification and relevant experience.


David Bully Opijah - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

David Bully Opijah

Nairobi based Kenyan High Court Advocate David Bully Opijah graduated with an LLB in 2002.


Eng Paul Thang'a Gichuhi - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Engineer Paul Thang'a Gichuhi who lives in Nairobi, completed his LLB in 1998 and his LLM(Arbitration) in 2004 both from the University of London long after he graduated as an engineer in 1973. He completed Diploma in Arbitration from University of Reading in 2000. He is a practising  advocate of the High Court of Kenya with visiting rights in the Commonwealth ; a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a Chartered Arbitrator.


Mark Jenkins -

Mark graduated with a BSc Economics in 1999 and now consults with a select number of stock exchange listed companies in East Africa looking to gain entry to and advance their interests in the Oil & Gas Exploration sector in the region. He also held the position of founder member and Deputy Chairperson of the Kenya Oil & Gas Association whose membership includes Total, Tullow and Anadarko which have successfully engaged the Government of Kenya on behalf of the now growing industry in Kenya. He is well placed to offer advice in the relevance of the University Of London degrees in particular correspondence courses and selection of subjects to enhance candidates skills set in this growing sector as the companies look more to developing local content and the practicalities of holding a full time job and pursuing a correspondence course in Kenya. He credits his Degree with London University as being invaluable in giving him the confidence and skill set required to develop his own consulting business.


Amjid Hussein Gulamhussein - Environmental Management (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Mombasa based HSE Advisor Amjid Hussein Gulamhussein graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Assessment in 2004.


Robert Mudida - Finance - major: Economic Policy (MSc)

Robert is a senior lecturer with the Strathmore Business School (Strathmore University) in Nairobi, Kenya.  Having completed an Msc in Financial Economics in 2006, he can advise students contemplating postgraduate studies in economics and finance.


Catherine Kiama - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Catherine Kiama

A lawyer in Nairobi, Kenya, Catherine Kiama completed her LLB in 2012. Catherine studied on a full time basis and can advise on study skills and how to balance one's daily schedule while studying on both a full and part time basis.


Lilian Wanjiku Nyaga - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Lilian Wanjiku Nyaga, Alumni Ambassador

I am a lawyer in Nairobi, Kenya, currently pursuing the Advocates Training Programme at the Kenya School of Law. I worked as a legal intern at Kemboy & Company Advocates, a leading law firm in Kenya, while carrying out my job. 

I strongly feel that the University of London has taught me to think analytically and complete tasks in a comprehensive manner. I can provide advice on study skills, the usefulness of the virtual learning environment and preparation of exams.

Joseph Nkuranga - Epidemiology (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Joseph Nkuranga

Originally from Rwanda, Joseph Nkuranga is a medical doctor residing in Kenya. He completed his MSc in Epidemiology in 2014. He currently works as a clinical specialist and technical team leader for an organization that offers TB and HIV prevention, care and treatment to prison facilities in the country. Joseph can advise on distance learning experience, study skills, and work-study balance.


Dr Jacquie Narotso Oliwa - Epidemiology (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Dr Jacquie Narotso Oliwa

Jacquie Narotso Oliwa is a paediatrician and clinical epidemiologist working in Nairobi with the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme. She has an interest in tuberculosis and pneumonia in children, evidence synthesis and her current work is around health systems research for quality of care improvement. She completed her MSc Epidemiology in 2014.



Daphne Su Mei Koo - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Daphne Su Mei Koo is an advocate and solicitor currently practicing in Kuala Lumpur.

Lai Sze Ching - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Lai Sze Ching student ambassador

Lai is Managing Director of an engineering firm specialising in engineering construction and construction claim. He received his LLB in 2005 went on to study for an LLM at the University of Malaya. Lai can advice on any issues related to studying of LLB as a part-time student, especially in Malaysia where you need to secure a second lower before being permitted to sit for the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP).


Christina Chelliah - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Christina Chelliah student ambassador

Christina practiced as a corporate lawyer at a leading firm in Kuala Lumpur during the years 2008 - 2013. During that time, she also lectured part -time at an institution offering the University of London International Programmes LLB. Christina has recently migrated to the United States, and is currently based in New York City.

Irene Leong - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Irene is a Kuala Lumpar-based construction project manager. Irene can offer advice on course subject matter, method of study, the benefit of legal studies to other professional careers and how to balance study, work and family life.

Hong-Chee Lim - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Hong-Chee Lim decided to take up a law degree to strengthen his working knowledge and academic qualification, 15 years after leaving university. Despite limited prior legal knowledge, he completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Law and progressed to complete the LLM whilst having a full time travel-intensive job and a family of four to take care of.

Hong-Chee can share his experiences of how he overcame challenges on time management as a part-time student, and on picking up textbooks again after having been out of school for a long time.


Srimurugan Alagan - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Srimurugan Alagan, Alumni Ambassador

An Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court Malaya, Mr. Srimurugan completed his LLM specialising in international dispute Resolution with the University of London. Mr. Srimurugan has wide academic and practical experience in national and international areas of law. He is able to guide any student wishing to study international law with the University of London.


Faryal Mazhar - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Faryal Mazhar student ambassador

After completing her LLB in 2004, Faryal worked as an in-house counsel for various companies, before pursuing her LLM at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She spent five years working as a senior associate/team leader in one of the most reputed law firms of Pakistan, offering legal services in almost all areas of law, inter-alia, civil, commercial, IP, family and criminal law. Faryal is currently working as Senior Legal Counsel for one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan.


Kunwar Shahrukh - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Kunwar Shahrukh student ambassador

Lahore based police officer Kunwar Shahrukh graduated with an LLB in 2004.


Zeeshan Mansoor - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Zeeshan Mansoor

Zeeshan Mansoor is a Research Fellow Endowed Chair Law and Governance and a PhD candidate at the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance of the University of Groningen. He graduated with an LLB (Hons) from the University of London in 2006 after which he qualified as a lawyer in 2007. In 2009, he studied international commercial law at the University of Aberdeen, graduating with an LLM. From 2009 to 2011, he worked as a compliance officer for a Welsh marketing company. Prior to joining the University of Groningen in 2011, he also conducted research for an English law firm. Presently, he is focusing on a comparative analysis of the law on the unenforceability of contracts contrary to public policy.


Kashif Ahmed - Economics and Management (BSc)

Karachi based businessman Kashif Ahmed graduated with a BSc Economics and Management in 2005.


Arefa Khanum Aizaz -

Karachi based educationist Arefa Khanum Aizaz completed a BSc Information Systems and Management in 2006.


Naheed Shiraz Merchant - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Naheed Shiraz Merchant

Holder of 3 Masters Degrees, Ms. Naheed Shiraz Merchant from Karachi, Pakistan, completed her LLM in the specialization of Corporate and Commercial Law from UOL through Distance Learning Programme in 2012 and achieved Merit. Shortly after completing her LLM with UOL, Naheed joined Meezan Bank Limited in Karachi as Senior Law Officer in their Legal & Corporate Affairs Department. 

She also holds an LLM Degree from University of Karachi, in which she achieved First Position in her College and her city. Prior to starting her professional career in the field of Law, she did a Masters in Islamic Studies with First Grade.

Ms. Merchant is a practicing Lawyer and she can advise on study skills, tips to follow during preparing for exams and also on how to balance study with other commitments. 


Bilal Arif Kiani - Accounting and Finance (BSc)

Bilal Arif Kiani

Before starting his career as a Corporate Investment Banker, Bilal studied BSc Accounting and Finance and did his ACCA while on the job. He is now working in Business Development. Bilal has a good experiance in commercial and corporate banking and can offer very useful guidelines on effective time management, study skills and career advice. He has played a major role in helping University of London International Programmes graduates in Pakistan get jobs and has counselled them based on the student's expertise in order to guide them into the right industry. 


Saad Ansari - Economics and Management (BSc)

Saad Ansari, Alumni Ambassador

BSc graduate, Saad Ansari from Pakistan completed his LSE led degree in Economics and Management in 2011. Opting for a corporate career at leading multinationals including Shell, Barclays and JWT, Saad can advise you on study skills and key areas to focus on to excel in the corporate world.


Nida Sohail Chaudhary - Economics (BSc)

Nida was one of the top BSc Economics students worldwide in 2014, winning a scholarship to do a MSc Economics at LSE in the UK. She spent two years during her BSc. as a teaching assistant for Statistics and Microeconomics. Nida can advise on efficient studying strategies and on how to avoid making common mistakes, especially in the first year of the programme.


Khurram Sajjad -

Khurram Sajjad

After completing his BSc Information Systems and Management, Khurram completed an MSc Computer Science at Coventry University. He is now working as Business Development Executive in a very reputable software development organisation in Pakistan. He can offer advice on a wide range of issues, including course selection, study materials, consultancy or advice on professional life.

Khurram says: “The University of London International Programme provided me with such a strong base that it helped me a lot during my master’s degree and especially in my professional life. I am willing to help you out on any issue you are facing. It will be my pleasure to guide you towards the right path.”


Fawad Baluch - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Fawad Baluch

Fawad Baluch completed his LLB in 2014 and is currently working with a highly regarded law firm based in Pakistan. He can offer advice on study materials, exam preparation and how to approach the Programme as a full-time student.


Saad Hasan - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Saad Hasan

Saad Hasan completed his LLB (Hons) course from the UoL in 2011 and has since been involved in Criminal and Civil litigation in Pakistan. Saad is also involved in teaching Criminal law to current LLB students of UoL and Criminology to BSc students of the University. Saad can provide assistance on course options, preparation for the academic year, general advice on study options and an insight into the practical application of the course.


Rabia Saeed - Management with Law (BSc)

Alumni ambassador: Rabia Saeed

Rabia Saeed is an Attorney of the High Court, and is currently working as a lecturer for the University of London LLB at UCI and Roots IVY International. She is also working as a legal consultant at SKIM legal associates. In addition to her work commitments, Rabia is currently studying part-time for a postgraduate laws qualification from the University of London. She can offer advice on study methods, how to maintain good scores, how to enrol for the local Bar, and how to get internships.


Syeda Mehak Imran - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Syeda Mehak Imran

An Advocate of the High Court, Syeda completed her in 2012. She is currently practicing in the Lower and High Courts of Pakistan and is also teaching Contract law at a teaching institution for the University of London International Programmes. Mehak can guide current and prospective students with study skills and exam techniques.


Hiba Thobani - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Hiba Thobani

Hiba Thobani, Barrister-at-Law, completed her LLB in 2013. She went on to complete the BPTC from UWE, Bristol in 2014, graduating with the Joan Denning Award for being the Top Student in the Commonwealth from Lincoln's Inn that year. She is a licensed Advocate in Pakistan, practicing banking and commercial litigation and also coaches moot teams. Hiba can advise on maintaining a balance between studying and extra-curriculars as well as postgraduate options and decision making.


Ali Jamshed - Accounting and Finance (BSc)

Alumni ambassador: Ali Jamshed

Ali Jamshed completed his Bachelors in Accounting and Finance in 2013. Before switching to his current career in academia, Ali pursued Masters from London School of Economics and worked as an Investment Banker. Ali can advise on course material, exam preparation and career guidance in commercial and academic fields.


Jafar Rizvi - Accounting and Finance (BSc)

Jafar Rizvi

While studying for his BSc degree in Pakistan, Jafar completed internships in the Finance departments of various multinational companies including Barclays Bank and DP World. Soon after graduating, he moved to New Zealand, where he is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy with a view to becoming a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Jafar believes the University of London's global recognition gives students a major benefit when moving abroad, even to the furthest corner of the world! Jafar would be glad to provide advice on managing your studies, making course decisions and any general query related to the programme.


Sundas Khan - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni Ambassador: Sundas Khan

Sundas Khan completed her LLB (Hons) in 2012 and is currently teaching Human Rights law and Islamic law at a teaching institution in Islamabad. She is also the head of the Reggio Emilia program at Edopia (an IB system school). Sundas can advise on exploring alternative careers with a degree in law.


Sri Lanka

Shaha Shums - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Shaha Shums student ambassador

Barrister / Attorney-at-Law Shaha Shums graduated with an LLB in 1999.


Michelle Jayaranjan - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Michelle Jayaranjan student ambassador

Senior Business Systems Analyst Michelle Jayaranjan graduated with a BSc CIS in 2005.

Nuwan Fernando - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Nuwan Fernando

Nuwan Fernando graduated with a BSc in Computing and Information Systems in 2002.

Nuwan currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer at a local bank in Sri Lanka. His responsibilities include Active Directory infrastructure, workstation management and end point security. Nuwan is also reading for a PhD at the University of Colombo in the area of computer network security. His research is into network intrusion detection using neural networks and artificial immune system techniques.


Dinuk Anthony De Silva Wijeyeratne -

Dinuk Anthony De Silva Wijeyeratne

Merchandiser Dinuk Anthony De Silva Wijeyeratne graduated with a BSc in Information Systems and Management in 2004.

Dinuk is a shareholder and Director of Cetattii (Pvt) Ltd. This is a fully integrated web design and development solutions provider who currently serves customers from the UK, India, Australia and Sri Lanka, and has a team of about 10 highly skilled individuals. Dinuk is also a co-shareholder and a Director of Panchikawatta (Pvt) Ltd, which owns a number of e-commerce solutions.


Bavatharini Satkunananthan - Management with Law (BSc)

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Management with Law in 2006, Bavatharini began work as a Research Associate and was promoted to Manager after two years. She has completed the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) exams and is a Passed Finalist. In 2010 she completed her Masters in Management, Organisations and Governance from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Bavatharini has been an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA) since 2013.


South America

Fernanda Garcia Gomez - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Fernanda Garcia Gomez, Alumni Ambassador

Santiago based attorney Garcia Fernanda completed her LLM in 2006.


Jorge Marizcurrena - Banking and Finance (BSc)

Jorge Marizcurrena student ambassador

Despite Latin America is having its boom, it is sad to face that for the moment, there is no Latin American university in the top 200 positions of Times and US News University rankings. When finishing high school I wanted to study abroad, but unfortunately I couldn’t for family reasons. I was lucky to hear about the University of London International Programmes which was an excellent way of studying in a top worldwide university without having to leave my home country. I was really impressed by the fact that the International Programmes had almost 150 years of history in contrast to new online distance programmes which were recently launched. Gaining the degree has helped me obtain positions at international banks. There are certain qualities developed during the course, which are strongly considered by employers such as discipline and being able to work off-site, which is very important in today’s globalized world. I recently finished my MBA at London Business School and, having studied my International Programme, was strongly considered in the Universities I applied to. I am now working in a top bank in Brazil. I would sincerely recommend my experience to anyone in Latin America who would like to broaden their frontiers without incurring unnecessary economic and family sacrifices. Very few people know about the possibilities of distance studying. 


Carmen Gomensoro - English (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

As a full-time mother and literature teacher, Carmen had to develop practical and organisational skills to be able to fit in hours of study. She said that deciding on the topics and areas of specialisation, and finding resources was a challenge but made studying enjoyable and motivating.

Jerome Smith - Economics (Graduate Diploma)

Jerome Smith, Diploma for Graduates in Economics, Alumni Ambassador

Jerome Smith has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Chile and in 2012 completed a Diploma for Graduates in Economics through the University of London International Programmes. He has worked as an IT/BI consultant for 25 years and is now starting to work as an economist/econometrician, combining the fields of mathematics, information technology and economics. He is married with three children and hence can give advice and support on combining studying with work commitments and family life.

Joaquín Klot - Development and Economics (BSc)

Joaquín Klot

Joaquín completed his BSc Development and Economics in 2012, shortly after receiving in 2011 a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Montevideo. He now works in Uruguay as a Researcher for a Latin American think tank which participates in regional public-policy discussions.


María Belén Bastone - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

María Belén Bastone, Alumni Ambassador

María Belén Bastone completed her LLB in 2013. After she graduates from the University of Buenos Aires, María hopes to become a lawyer in Argentina. Meanwhile, she is participating in the ‘Williem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot’ and working as a student assistant at University of Buenos Aires. María is also currently working as a lecturer and academic coordinator for the LLB programme at AIE - University of London Registered Centre, Buenos Aires.

She is able to answer any questions regarding her experiences as a student of University of London International Programmes: study materials, examinations and general study-tips.  

Adalto Felix de Godoi - Management (Graduate Diploma)

Adalto Felix de Godoi, Alumni Ambassador

Brazil-based Adalto Felix de Godoi completed his Diploma for Graduates in Management in 2011. He also holds other degrees and an MBA. He built his career in the hospitality field, mainly in the healthcare industry. He has also worked in both commercial and academic fields. Adalto can advise on study skills, and how to balance a daily schedule while studying on a part-time basis.

Julio López Alvarado - Economics and Management (BSc)

Julio López Alvarado, Alumni Ambassador

Originally a Marine Scientist from Spain, over time I recognised the need to get formal training and education in other areas, such as economics and management, that would round up my skills set. The University of London International Programmes offered me the best programmes for my situation, being employed full-time.

I now work in aquaculture development in Ecuador. This area is in the border between technology, economics and social sciences. My Economics and Management degree helped me to study problems from many different points of view, approaching projects in a holistic way.

From my experience, I hope I can help some prospective students to start (and finish) a University of London degree, that will definitely make a difference in their lives.


Dr Sharad Kumar - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Dr Sharad Kumar, LLM

Former Diplomat Dr Sharad Kumar resides in Delhi and completed his LLM in year 2006. He is currently a visiting faculty to number of leading Management Institutions and Universities in India and abroad. He is a professional qualified Chartered Secretary, Certified Fraud Examiner and MBA specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law, European Law, Economic and Trade Laws. He is also a specialist in Management (HRM/Finance/International Business) with 30 years of industry experience.


Dr Poornima Prabhakaran - Epidemiology (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Dr Poornima Prabhakaran student ambassador

Trained as a physician in India, Poornima completed her MSc Epidemiology in 2007. She has since submitted and defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Bristol, UK and will receive the formal award of PhD in Social Medicine this year. Poornima will also be joining the Faculty in the Public Health Foundation of India, teaching and conducting public health research related to Chronic Disease Epidemiology. She can offer advice on the efficient management of studies, work and family time.


Lisa Chakraborty -

Lisa Chakraborty student ambassador

Lisa Chakraborty completed her BSc ISM in 2006 and is now a Senior Consultant at Deloitte MCS, UK. In addition to the general queries on her study experience, she can offer advise on people who are looking continue their studies at LSE for the postgraduate programme and scholarship.


Asif Chowdhury - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Asif Chowdhury student ambassador

Asif Chowdhury graduated in BSc Honours in Computing & Information Systems in 2002 under University of London International Programme. He also completed MSc in IT in 2010. He has 12 years of experience in IT & holds senior position in IT Infrastructure department in MNC. His has strong exposure in virtualization & cloud computing.

According to him, studying at University of London International Programme delves deeper into the framework and teaches concepts and practices, which will enable him to appreciate engineering support facilities with managerial perspective in a business environment. It also facilitates him to balance his personal & social life with professional life. In particular it equipped him with the knowledge of technical and analytical, managerial and social issues.

By being friendly, approachable and clued-up, he can present both affirmative and accurate picture of degree course offered by University of London International Programme with flexible and effective reasons in a wide range. He is privileged to carry himself to share experiences during his undergraduate study in BSc Honours CIS, assist or guide prospective students who are willing to pursue degree courses at the University of London International Programme.


Kanika Khurana - Economics (BSc)

Kanika Khurana, Alumni Ambassador

I graduated in Bsc. Economics from Indian School of Business and Finance in 2011. On completing my degree, I dedicated one year to Social Service, where I taught many underprivileged children and also coordinated and organised small scale cultural events for them. In September 2012, I was selected for the Mountbatten Internship, through which I worked with Morgan Stanley in London from Sep 2012 to August 2013. I was part of the Business Management team and was responsible for providing Supporting Business Analysis for the Senior Management across the globe. Depending on my performance, I was recommended in India and then interviewed for a full time role on completion of my internship. I was successfully hired as an Analyst 2 in Equity Operations and I am currently working with to Support the Trader’s desk. I work with the American Markets and I deal in the product Equity Cash.

I am happy to help any perspective students with absolutely anything.


Pranai Agarwal - Economics and Management (BSc)

Pranai Agarwal

Pranai Agarwal completed his BSc Economics and Management in 2011 with first class honours. He is currently working as a Senior Travel Business Analyst at  American Express, India, and hopes to pursue his MBA in marketing this year. Pranai can provide assistance and advice on how he managed his studies, his experience in sitting the UOL exams, and how his University education has benefitted him at his workplace.


Hema Thakur - Banking and Finance (BSc)

Hema Thakur, Alumni Ambassador

I am a Banking and Finance graduate from the University of London International Programmes. I’m currently working at Ernst and Young in their transfer pricing division. I have a strong passion for communication and academia. I’d be happy to share my experiences, study-tips, resource-related information, the applicability of the transferrable skills I have acquired and beyond. 


Ahmad Mukhtar - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Ahmad Mukhtar student ambassador

LLM graduate (2009) Switzerland.

"I am working with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland. My aim is to be a world renowned expert in international trade law and policy. I chose to study for a University of London LLM as an external student for having a degree that is internationally recognized, of the highest quality, flexible and affordable. This degree has helped me better understand international legal issues and undertake analyses based on a solid legal foundation.

One of the greatest challenges was managing my time and combining studying with my very busy and demanding job. Studying independently also presented a challenge as there is no professor on hand when you get stuck on some issue. However as I worked through the study materials, I mastered a whole new world of knowledge and ways of thinking which have proved useful in all aspects of my life. I am quite satisfied with my decision to go for a University of London LLM and believe that this will benefit me throughout my career."

Dr Johannes Landbrecht - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Dr Johannes Landbrecht

Rechtsanwalt & Barrister Dr Johannes Landbrecht completed his LLB in 2011. Johannes obtained his first legal degree in Germany in 2006 and has been admitted to the German bar since 2008. In 2012 he obtained his PhD degree from the University of Geneva where he had also worked as a research assistant. In 2014 he was admitted to the bar in England & Wales. He practices international arbitration with a focus on energy law at the law firm LALIVE in Geneva / Switzerland.

Claudia Sibert - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Claudia Sibert

Advocate & Solicitor for West Malaysia and in-house Legal Counsel (Switzerland) Claudia Sibert completed her LLB from the University of London in 2007. Claudia pursued her LLM after being called to the Bar and gained several years of legal practice and in-house experience. During her LLB, she chose company law and intellectual property law as electives and pursues her career in these areas. Claudia can advise on study skills, subject electives and how to maintain a good student life balance.



Professor David Schultz - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Professor David Schultz student ambassador

Professor David Schultz graduated with an LLM in 2002.

‘I decided to pursue the LLM for several reasons. First, as a professor, I was interested in developing more of a comparative knowledge between the United States and other countries of the world. The University of London programme lent me the opportunity to do that. Second, given its growing importance in the world and to the United States, I wanted to know more about the European Union and the LLM programme also afforded me the opportunity to do that. Overall, I completed the programme with a richer understanding of the European Union and a better appreciation of how its and the laws of England compare to the United States.  For many who wonder if a degree studied with the University of London International Programmes is serious and rigorous, the answer is a definite yes. I learned a lot in the program and enjoyed my studies.’


Tanzie Variava - Economics and Management (BSc)

Tanzie Variava

New York based Project Management Associate that has worked in Private, Public and Real Estate Investments - Tanzie Variava completed her BSc Economics and Management degree in 2004. She completed her Masters in Finance in NYC in 2006.


Kulsoom Ali Syed - Environmental Management (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Kulsoom Ali Syed student ambassador

Washington DC based Project Manager Kulsoom Ali Syed graduated with BSc Information Systems Management in 2005 and MSc Environmental Management in 2013.


Branko Bokan - Information Security (MSc and PGDip)

Branko Bokan

Branko S. Bokan received a MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway in 2007 and a BSc in Information Systems and Management from London School of Economics in 2004 (both from University of London International Programmes).

Branko is a seasoned information security professional with numerous ISC2, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications. He is a member of the board of directors of the ISSA – National Capital Chapter in Washington, DC and currently works as a Director of Cyber Security at Innotion Enterprises Inc.


Ruwan Fonseka - Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Ruwan Fonseka student ambassador

Ruwan graduated with a Second Class Honors Upper Division in 1998 after completing the BSc. Computing And Information Systems degree programme.

He is currently based in the Greater New York City Area and works as a Software Engineer - Senior Consultant with his current employer.

Ruwan can provide advice in all areas for future students of the BSc. and Diploma in Computing And Information Systems.

Watch Ruwan Fonseka's Alumni Inspiration video.



Ahmed Said Hassan - Economics and Management (BSc)

Ahmed Said Hassan student ambassador

Ahmed graduated in 2009 and is now a company representative in the MENA region of an Italian glassware and household products company called Cerve in Parma, Italy.

He has previously worked as an Investment Analyst at financial consultancy firm F.A.C.T (Financial Advice Corporate Transactions) in Cairo and as owner and partner of Fougere Store, a women's fashion retailer.


Amr Aly Ismail - Politics and International Relations (BSc)

Amr Aly Ismail

Amr Aly Ismail completed his BSc in Politics and International Relations in 2011 in addition to his BSc in Business Administration from Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Egypt. He has worked in several administrative, HR and political awareness programs. Amr can offer advice on how to balance one's daily schedule while studying, and study techniques.

Enas Newire - Infectious Diseases (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Enas Newire student ambassador

I chose to study my Masters through the University of London International Programmes for a number of reasons, including its reputation, the specialisation it offered, the project option, and in particular, because I could study through distance learning. I enjoyed the independence of tailoring my time, which allowed me to accommodate family, work, and social commitments. I am currently a Molecular Researcher at the Cairo-based US Naval Medical Research Unit -3 (NAMRU-3), which deals with emerging disease threats. The degree gave me a deep understanding of various molecular mechanisms I handle everyday and taught me to evaluate the potential of scientific research in different areas. It qualified me in cutting edge and state-of-the-art scientific technologies, which is essential to my career.


Mai Mahmoud - Banking and Finance (BSc)

I have studied for the BSc Banking and Finance with UOLIP, right after finishing the Diploma in Economics. At the same time, I’ve also obtained a BSc in Financial Management from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

I’ve received teaching assistance from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST); however, I’ve also studied for some courses on my own. Thus, I’ve experienced both independent learning and studying with a teaching institution. Both experiences were marvellous, especially with the aid of the online virtual learning environment (VLE). 

 I am currently teaching UOLIP students at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt. 


Mohammad Elhalawani - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Mohammad Elhalawani, Alumni Ambassador

I am a former TV anchor and have been an incumbent diplomat at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2001. I am now heading the legal division of Anti-piracy and Organized Crime at the Ministry.

I have two undergraduate degrees, one in Mass Communication and another in Laws (LLB), both from Cairo University. From 2010 to 2013, while I was posted in South Korea, I  pursued my postgraduate studies with the University of London International Programmes. I obtained three progressive qualifications in International Criminal Justice, then International Public Laws, and these lead to my LLM with Merit.

I will be glad to advise on choosing the right modules and courses and the efficiency, flexibility and suitablity of the progamme to people with work and family duties.



Veena Jankee -

Veena Jankee completed her BSc Information Systems and Management in 2005.


Saroj Maistry - Management with Law (BSc)

Compliance Officer Saroj Maistry graduated with BSc management with Law in 2000.


Tawheen Choomka -
Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)
Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Tawheen Choomka student ambassador

Brigid Cotter Prize Winner Tawheen Choomka graduated with an LLB Honours (Upper Division) in 2008 and an LLM specialising in International Business Law in 2010. She is one of the youngest barristers in practice in Mauritius and a part-time lecturer.


Nashaad Oodian - Business Administration (BSc)

Nashaad Oodian graduated from University of London International Programmes in 2014, gaining a first class degree in Business Administration. Studying the University of London degree was challenging for him as well as enriching. It deepened his intellectual understanding and increased a wide variety of his personal skills.

The flexibility of the degree allowed him to combine work and study at the same time. As of 2014, he is studying for a Diploma for Graduates in Management.

Nashaad thinks the programme is demanding and requires a major commitment on the student, but the end result is well worth the effort. He can offer you guidance on how to stay motivated during the whole course and guide you on how to manage your time effectively, overcoming the challenges of working while studying.


Ramparsad Mungar - Economics (BSc)

Alumni ambassador: Ramparsad Mungar

Ramparsad Mungar, BSc Economics, and holder of a PGCE, is presently Rector of New Educational College in Mauritius. After graduating in 1976 he taught Economics and accounting in State Colleges and worked as Economist at Price Waterhouse. Ram will be pleased to advise prospective students of the University of London.


Trinidad and Tobago

Marlon Herry -

Marlon Herry student ambassador

Senior systems administrator Marlon Herry graduated with a BSc ISM in 2006.


Diane Julien - Environmental Management (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Diane Julien graduated with BSc Information Systems and Management in 2000 and went on to complete an MSc in Environmental Management.


Justice Antony Gafoor - Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Justice Antony Gafoor

I am currently the Chairman of the Tax Appeal Court of Trinidad and Tobago. After pursuing a legal career which included several years of study with London University as an internal student and in practice as a barrister, I returned to my homeland of Trinidad where I accepted a position on the Bench.

I was prompted to continue my studies with London University International Programmes, not only because of my positive experiences as a student in London but also because I have always found the University to be well-organised and very concerned about student welfare issues. I commenced studies for a degree in Divinity because of my involvement in religious matters and progressed naturally and almost seamlesssly to a degree in Philosophy because it helped me to further and deepen my knowledge of the invaluable role this discipline played in religious affairs as well as helping one to think more logically and constructively. In fact many world leaders in politics and business have found a background and knowledge of philosophy essential in grappling with challenges to which there are no obvious or easy answers.

With regard to philosophy, it is not the easiest of disciplines to study but it is enormously rewarding, much like attempting to fill in a crossword puzzle: you have to think hard before you come up with a range of possible solutions. Time and other demands of a domestic and work-based nature are always challenges that any student faces: my experience was no exception. But the material despatched efficiently through London University is of first class quality and in the end any such challenges paled into insignificance in comparison with the sense of achievement, even triumph which I experienced upon completing each year of the degree. I have recognised that philosophy now provides a platform and methodology for almost everything I do at work and in life.

Philip Koonj Beharry - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Alumni ambassador: Philip Koonj Beharry

Attorney-at-Law Philip Koonj Beharry completed his LLB in 2012. Prior to his current career in law, Philip worked in the financial and customer service sectors both locally and internationally. Philip can advise on study techniques, research skills, balancing work, studies and family life as well as qualifying as an attorney at law in Trinidad and Tobago.


United Kingdom

Stuart Jaques - Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Stuart Jaques student ambassador

I've found my MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health studies reintegrated my knowledge; filling in certain gaps and enhancing my skill set substantially.

I'm more confident in my own ability, particularly having sharpened my critical abilities and written skills. Further unexpected bonuses have included the appreciation of the economics of world agricultural trade, alternative world farm systems and tools to improve communication with farmers and the public.

Would I recommend distance learning? Absolutely, particularly as you can take one or two modules initially and decide later whether the full MSc is for you – just make sure you don't go three or more days without any study unless pre-planned. It’s hard to catch up once you're behind!

Julieta Andrea Lambardi - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

Julieta Andrea Lambardi Alumni Ambassador

Italian-Argentine attorney-at-law, Julieta Lambardi, completed her LLB in 2002 and qualified in Argentina a year later. Before changing to her current in-house career as Legal Advisor for an American multinational company based in London, Julieta studied a Masters in International Relations, specialised in EU law, in Italy, and worked for Italian law firms focusing mainly in international commercial contracts. In 2012 Julieta completed her LLM at University of London with specialisation in Corporate and Commercial Law.

Julieta is happy to advise on organisational skills, study tips, and how to balance one's daily schedule while studying on a part-time basis.

South East Asia

Mihoko Inamori - Philosophy (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Mihoko Inamori, Alumni Ambassador

Mihoko Inamori completed her BA Philosophy course in 2001. She has been a translator between English and Japanese since her early 20s. After studying with University of London International Programmes, she mainly dedicated to teach English at schools, universities, and companies. She often philosophizes about her life and is willing to give pieces of study advice for her fellow students.



Vladimir Tikhomirov - Finance - major: Financial Sector Management (MSc)

Vladimir Tikhomirov

Vladimir graduated from Moscow State University sociology department in 1997, got his ACCA charter in 2003, and graduated from the University of London International Programmes with an MSc in Finance (Financial Sector Management) in 2008. After working in big accounting firms and a bank, Vladimir settled as independent consultant, auditor and IFRS accountant. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and foot orienting.

UoL programs provide unique reputable opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills. It is also a valuable experience of British higher education with its rich traditions. Studying for a UoL degree may broaden your career opportunities, but may also bring pleasure from digging into a subject that interests you.

Vladimir can answer questions on course selection, admission process, other questions, that aspiring or just enrolled students may have.


Olga Mitkina - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

I graduated from Moscow State University (Law department) in 2003 and got my PhD in 2007. I then completed my LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law with the University of London International Programmes in 2012. I have worked in one of the biggest accounting firms and one of the largest oil and gas companies.

I can answer questions on the admissions process, exam writing and other questions that students may have.



Elizabeth Conrad - Environmental Management (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Consultant Elizabeth Conrad graduated with an MSc Environmental Management in 2004.


Tatjana Chircop - English (BA, DipHE and CertHE)

Tatjana Chircop student ambassador

Tatjana completed her BA English in 2005. She is the Director of the Institute of Community Services at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), where she used to lecture English.  She also holds a BA Hons in Youth and Community Studies, an MA in Youth and Community Studies, a Master in Intercultural and Eco-Management and a PGC in Vocational Education and Training.


Keith Vella Licari -
Information Security (MSc and PGDip)
Computing and Information Systems (BSc, CertHE and Work Experience Entry Route)

Keith Vella Licari, Alumni Ambassador

Keith Vella Licari completed an MSc in Information Security in 2013 and a BSc in Computing and Information Systems in 2007. He works in Information Assurance role at a UK-based online gaming company, Gamesys, which is well known for operating renowned gaming sites such as Jackpotjoy and Virgin Games. Prior to this, he worked for a professional services firm in Malta as an IT Audit Manager, and in the public sector for 12 years where his primary focus was in the area of information security.

Keith can advise on study skills/aids, exam preparation, and how to manage study with other commitments.


Philip Ileleji - Mathematics and Economics (BSc)

Former teacher of Maths & Physics and Vice Principal and retired Deputy Director (Inspectorate-Secondary) IHQ. Currently Executive Consultant of Education to the Federal Government of Nigeria.  Graduated 1964.


Monday Amayo-Bello - Business Administration (BSc)

Monday Amayo-Bello

Monday graduated with a BSc Business Administration in 2013. He works to support Group Accounts Payable at a multinational firm in Nigeria. He also supports small and medium scale business activities on a voluntary basis. Amayo is passionate about helping youths who need to gain the relevant skills and appropriate qualifications to achieve their goals. He can offer advice on study skills, approaches to getting good grades, time management, and the need to remain focussed.


Dr. Chris Oyewole Durojaiye - Infectious Diseases (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

Dr. Chris Oyewole Durojaiye, Alumni Ambassador

Dr. Chris Oyewole Durojaiye is currently a specialist registrar in infectious diseases at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. He completed his MSc in Infectious Diseases in 2013. His main interests are HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Chris can offer advice on study skills, approaches to answering exam question, time management, and how to combine study with full-time job and family time.



Nastassia Rambarran - Public Health (MSc, PGDip and PGCert)

A Guyanese General Practitioner residing in Barbados, who completed the MSc. in Public Health in 2013. Has a passion for human rights, women's rights, reproductive and sexual minority issues and looking forward to wielding the tools of my Post-graduate education in tackling these challenges.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Distance learning as well as blogging for the University and am keen to share this experience with future and current students.

Lisa Rebecca Benjamin - Laws, postgraduate (LLM, PGDip and PGCert)

After practising for over eight years in the commercial and technology areas in London and Nassau, Bahamas, I switched to teaching full time at the University of the West Indies/College of the Bahamas LLB faculty. Pursuing an LLM has enabled me to Diversity my professional interests into the area of law and Development.

Middle East

Muhammad Owais Khan - Economics and Management (BSc)

Muhammad Owais Khan

Muhammad is a Dubai based investment professional focusing on the Real Estate sector both locally in Dubai and Internationally in emerging as well as developed markets. With over 5 years experience in real estate investments Muhammad has consulted with many top investors and investment funds in building their portfolios. Muhammad holds a BSc (Hon) in Economics and Management from The London School of Economics and is available to assist in any way possible. 

Samantha D’souza - Accounting and Finance (BSc)

Samantha D’souza student ambassador

Samantha D’souza completed her BSc Hons Accounting and Finance in 2012 with First Class Honours. She is currently working in the BPO department of Deloitte, Dubai, and is involved in providing accounting and payroll services. Samantha can advise on study skills, exam approaches, time management and how to balance one's work and study life while working on a part/full time basis.



Christiana Awoonor - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Christiana Awoonor, LLB, Alumni Ambassador

Having completed my LLB in 2012, I am currently in my final year at the Ghana School of Law. I can provide advice on study skills, the usefulness of the virtual learning environment, and preparation for exams and how to manage studies with your daily routine.


Gertrude Nimako-Boateng - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Gertrude Nimako-Boateng, Alumni Ambassador

A mother and a full time employee, I enrolled with the University of London International Programmes to study for a Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1998, started my studies in 1999 and completed them successfully in 2003.

My success on the LLB course laid down the foundation for my career change that has revolutionized my life. At the United Nations, my functions were changed to enable me to use my knowledge in contract law. I was later entrusted with the coordination of the prestigious United Nations Geneva Graduate Study Programme.

Eager to deepen my legal knowledge, I proceeded to study for a Master of Laws Degree in International Commercial and Business law at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and completed my studies successfully in 2004. While at law school, I discovered through research that many developing country Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland, had limited knowledge of WTO law. This motivated me, after law school, to specialize in WTO law to assist African countries in their international trade negotiations.

In this connection, I established the International Trade Institute for West Africa (ITIWA) in 2011 to train government officials, legal practitioners, business people and anybody interested in international trade law. Today, I am gradually achieving my goal of assisting African countries by providing advisory services on WTO law to the 15 Member States of the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS).

My long-standing experience in law and my work with university students have earned me a mentor’s role at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth, Australia. Under the UWA ‘s Career Mentor Program, I provide guidance to law students to assist them in making the appropriate career choice.

In addition, I give lectures at universities in Russia and speak at international conferences on international trade law.

I am fluent in English, French and Russian.


Caleb Okoe - Laws, undergraduate (LLB and CertHE Common Law)

Caleb completed his LLB with the University of London International Programmes in 2014. Before deciding to read the course, Caleb had been practicing as a pharmacist in Ghana. As of May 2015, he was preparing for the Law Professional Programme at the Ghana School of Law. He is willing to assist prospective and current students on:

  • effective use of UoL student materials and other relevant resources,
  • answering examination questions,
  • coping with work and studies, and
  • preparing for examinations.

Around the world

Antony Vallyon - International Relations (BSc)

Antony Vallyon

Antony graduated with a degree in BSc International Relations in 2012, to go along with his previous degrees in Marketing and International Management, and his experience in NGOs, the private sector, and public sector organisations from the United Nations to national and local government agencies. He also completed the Diploma for Graduates in Geography and Environment with University of London International Programmes.

Antony can advise on study skills for mature and younger students, working with the reading packs, and sitting exams in London and in different locations.