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Welcome to the Programme Resources page for Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) programmes. Academic direction for these programmes is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Resources available to everyone, whether you are a prospective or registered student, include:

  • Course information sheets - These documents include details of the learning outcomes, syllabuses, assessment methods and an overview of the essential reading for every EMFSS course.
  • Subject guides - Subject guides introduce and develop topics for every course. Partial subject guides are available to give you a taster of the material. If you are registered student, you can access full guides for all courses on your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • Past examination papers and Examiners' commentaries - the papers and commentaries for the previous year are available for everyone to view. If you are a registered student you can access further past examination papers and commentaries on your VLE.
  • EMFSS Programme Specifications - As well as the General Programme Specification [PDF: 15pgs 631KB], which gives an outline of the EMFSS programmes, entrance requirements, and intended learning outcomes, Programme Specifications tailored to each award are available by clicking 'Download Programme Specification' on the individual programme pages.
  • Programme handbook - The handbook provides guidance for your programme, helping you to understand how the programmes are structured, details of the resources provided, and advice to help you with issues such as transferring programmes and the assessment process.
  • Student guide - This covers essential information for everyone studying with the University of London as an International Programmes student, including registration, assessment and graduation.
  • Regulations - There are two sets of Regulations that cover the rules for your studies with the International Programmes:
    • General Regulations - these are applicable to all students registered with the International Programmes.
    • Programme Regulations - these are developed by the LSE and are specially tailored to your programme of study.
  • Terms and Conditions - this is the formal contract between you and the University. You will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions when you first register with us, and every year you continue to register as a student of the International Programmes.
  • Student Charter - the purpose of the Student Charter is to state key mutual obligations between the University of London International Programmes and its International Programmes students.

Once you register as a student, you will also have access to the following resources:

  • Student Portal - the Portal is your gateway to the online resources provided to you as a student. Through the Student Portal you will be able to register for courses, enter for examinations, contact the Student Advice Centre, access your VLE, Online Library and email account.
  • Virtual Learning Environment - known as the VLE, this is where you access the electronic copies of your printed study materials.
    • This is also an open space for students to discuss interests and experience, and also to seek support from your peers while working collaboratively to solve problems and discuss subject material. Online support materials are continuously being developed.
    • A growing number of courses provide audio-visual tutorials, recorded lectures, academic interviews and debates are available, along with self-testing activities and expert study skills advice.
    • The VLE also contains recommended reading lists and additional revision materials and enhanced forum moderation throughout the year to help aid examination preparation.
  • Online Library - you are provided with a range of full-text, multidisciplinary databases. Journal articles, book reviews and reports can be found on the databases to which the Library subscribes on your behalf as a student.
  • Email - you will be given a University of London email account and web area for personal information management.
  • Senate House Library - as an International Programmes student you are entitled to a free day pass. You can also access further resources on payment of fees.

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