EMFSS - Accreditation of Prior Learning

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

An APL, formerly known as an exemption, means that you are not required to take a particular course or courses as part of your degree because, in the University’s opinion, you have already covered a similar syllabus, as part of a previous qualification, at the same level, depth and breadth. (Other institutions sometimes use the term 'credit transfer', but we use 'APLs'.)

Some APLs we award are automatic. An automatic APL means that if you have a specific qualification, we may be able to award the APL to you. Any APLs that are not automatic are called discretionary APL and are considered on a case by case basis. If you would like to be considered for APL (discretionary or automatic) you should indicate this on the application form. If you have already submitted your application but would like to be considered for APL, please contact us.

It is only possible to apply for APL on the Standard entry route BSc degrees. The qualification upon which you are basing your request must have been obtained within the last 5 years prior to your application. If you are awarded APL you do not then have to take that particular course as part of your programme. Students who are awarded the maximum amount of APL (up to four 100 courses) may therefore be able to complete their degree in two years provided the regulations for their chosen degree permits it.

Once your application for APL has been considered, we will write to you to let you know the decision. Where accreditation of prior learning is granted, it is only valid for a limited period and this period will also be given in your decision letter. If you do not attempt any examinations during this period, the offer of APL will expire. If this happens and you still want the accreditation of prior learning to count towards your degree you will need to make a further application. It is not guaranteed that you will still qualify for accreditation of prior learning.

The classification of your degree will not be affected by the accreditation of prior learning that you receive

Further information

For further information please refer to Section 2: Credit transfer and accreditation of prior learning in the Regulations.