Discretionary accreditation of prior learning

You may apply for accreditation of prior learning (APL) on a discretionary basis. Discretionary APL are considered on a case by case basis. You will need to satisfy the University that you have covered a similar syllabus, as part of a previous qualification, at the same level, depth and breadth. A formal application is required and an APL application fee is payable. It is not possible for us to refund the APL application fee, even if we are unable to award you any APL.

Please note that we are not able to give advice on discretionary APL until we have received the completed APL request form and fee and all the documentary evidence we have requested in support of the application.

100 course

You may apply to be considered for discretionary APL from a 100 course:

  • If you have completed the whole or part of a qualification that has been examined at degree level (or the equivalent), which has a very similar subject/syllabus content and good marks have been achieved in the relevant examinations, then APL may be considered.
  • If you are a holder of the following qualifications:
    • a) An Intermediate, Part I or an equivalent examination of an appropriate degree at a University which is acceptable to the University of London for this purpose.
    • b) Professional examinations leading to practice as a lawyer outside England and Wales – APL will be considered from Law units only.*
    • c) Passed finalists or members of a professional accountancy body other than those listed in (a) of the EMFSS automatic APL table may apply for APL from AC1025 Principles of accounting
    • d) Informatics Computer School - Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies: Students who receive the Advanced Diploma Computer Studies with credit should refer to the Automatic APL Table. Applications for discretionary APL from 60 Introduction to information studies will be considered for students who do not receive the Advanced Diploma with credit, but who have taken and passed SA205 Systems analysis, SD206 Systems design, IS210 Information systems management and CM209 Computer management.
    • e) Institute of Legal Executives
    • The Part II examination: provided that, within this examination, the student has passed subjects corresponding to the law courses listed in paragraph 1, and that the student has taken and passed the Part I examination of the Institute. (The Diploma in Legal Studies of the University of Hong Kong is accepted as meeting the requirement of a pass in the Part I examination of the Institute of Legal Executives.) APL will be considered from Law courses only*.

Note: *In the case of (b) and (e) above a student must normally have completed the qualification at one institution.

See how to apply for accreditation of prior learning for more information.