Examinations are held in various sessions throughout the year. You will be able to sit examinations in one or perhaps several of these sessions depending on the programme you are registered for.

You should check your Programme Regulations for details when your examinations will take place each year. Please contact us if you are not sure of when you should sit. Use the 'Ask a Question' tab on your Portal homepage or you can contact us via the Student Advice Centre Form.

Online examination entry opening dates are listed on our examination entry deadlines page. You must make your entry to sit examinations at one of our approved centres. You can find details on making an entry on our examination entry page.

Please note: your local examination centre’s deadline for the receipt of examination entries may be several weeks before the dates quoted on our examination entry deadlines list. Contact your centre as soon as you can to check when their entry deadline is.

A guide to your examinations

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