A student giving feedback in a survey

Have your say by completing one of our official surveys

At different points in time, we will invite you to give feedback through a few different surveys. Invitations to complete a survey are generally sent to you by email.

Student Experience Survey

This is the main survey used by International Programmes to measure student satisfaction. Open to all students who have completed at least one form of assessment, it is carried out every two years. The next edition of this survey will be launched in autumn 2017.

Questions are split into areas including organisation and management, learning resources, professional development, assessment, communication and information, and overall experience.

Results are analysed by independent researchers with experience of UK higher education. This often involves asking students to explore the headline results in more detail. Read more about these focus groups on London Connection - Students worldwide hang out for online focus groups.

2015-16 edition

You can now download the results and our response to the 2015-16 survey [pdf 11pgs 814KB]. This report is one way for us to tell our students how feedback influences enhancements to the student experience. Further content to close the feedback loop on the 2015-16 survey is forthcoming, and will be posted here.

2013-14 edition

Following the 2013-14 survey, we asked Dr Mary Stiasny, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) of the University of London to describe the main findings in a video. Watch it below.

Video - main findings from the 2013-14 survey

Download a summary of results from the 2013-14 survey Student Experience Survey 2013-14  [pdf 8pgs 1.614MB].

Earlier editions of the survey

This survey was also sent to undergraduate students in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010. You can read the information we presented to International Academy committees and read the London Connection newsletter below:

Inclusive Practice Student Survey

This survey ran between December 2013 and February 2014 and has helped the University understand what our students think about the way we deal with requests for special examination arrangements. These include extra writing time, the use of a computer, the use of a separate room, rest breaks, and examination questions in alternative formats. For more information see the Inclusive practice policy.

The survey questions asked students to tell us how they found out about our inclusive practice service and to rate the assistance provided by the University of London, our Inclusive Practice office and our examination centres, as well as the accessibility of our Virtual Learning Environments. 69 students responded to the survey.

A majority of students indicated that the support received from the University had helped them to do better in and complete their programme, which was encouraging news.

First Destination Survey

This survey is carried out annually and looks at what students do after they finish a course at University of London International Programmes. The survey is sent out between six and nine months after you graduate, and features questions about the type of employment or further study you go onto.

Spot Polls

When you log into the Student Portal, you will sometimes see spot polls. These are used to find out your opinion on specific issues, and to learn about the way you use our learning platforms.

Other surveys

Your Programme Director may from time to time carry out surveys which focus on key areas of your learning experience at programme-level. Find out about these opportunities by email and on the VLE.