Programme Information and Regulations

As a student registered with the University of London you are governed by the General Regulations and the Programme Regulations associated with your programme of study.

General Regulations

The General Regulations are applicable to all students registered for a programme of study with the International Academy and provide the rules governing registration and assessment on all programmes; they also indicate what you may expect on completion of your programme of study and how you may pursue a complaint, should that be necessary.

General Regulations 2016-2017 for all students with the exception of those on the Global MBA and Professional Accountancy programmes [pdf: 17pgs 692KB].

General Regulations 2016-2017 for students on the Global MBA and Professional Accountancy programmes [pdf: 15pgs 682KB].

Programme Regulations

In addition to the General Regulations you will have to abide by the rules relevant for your specific programme of study, the Programme Regulations. These are designed and developed by the academics responsible for the programme and normally take account of the associated arrangements on campus. Together with the Programme Handbook, the Programme Regulations will provide the detailed rules and guidance for your programme of study. Further information about how to use the Programme Handbook and Programme Regulations can be found in the Student Guide.

Programme Specification

The Programme Specification has a dedicated button on the Courses webpage for the named award. The Programme Specification gives a broad outline of the structure and content of the programme, the entry level qualifications, as well as the learning outcomes students will achieve as they progress. This provides the overview that can help you decide which programme best suits your professional or personal goals, and the academic requirements for registration. Other information is available on the programme webpage via the Courses tab.

If you have a query about any of the programme information provided please contact us. Registered students should use the ask a question tab in the Student Portal; otherwise the Contact us page should be used.

Regulations from previous years

Download the General Regulations 2015-16.

Download the Professional Accountancy General Regulations 2015-16.

Programme regulations 2014-15 are also available. If you wish to view programme regulations prior to this date, you should request them through the portal.