London students’ clean sweep of the SIM HELM Awards

Lydia Yeo reports on an excellent performance by SIM-University of London students at the recent HELM Awards
Helm Award recipients
Helm Award recipients
Out of nine HELM Awards to SIM Global Education student leaders, eight were awarded to SIM-University of London students

On 24 January 2017, SIM Global Education hosted their annual Student Leaders’ Awards and Appreciation Night to recognise outstanding student leaders who have contributed to their student council or club or society. The highlight of the event is the HELM Award, an acronym for those who have attained a Holistic and Excellent Leadership Mark. The HELM Award is presented to student council, club or society presidents or vice-presidents who have displayed strong leadership skills during their service term.

Strong advocates for servant leadership, these individuals have displayed the ability to work hard alongside the team as well as make critical, and often unpopular, decisions to ensure alignment to the vision of the school and student council. He or she has demonstrated the ability to motivate and lead a high performing team towards excellence in attitude and work produced.

We are proud to announce that out of nine HELM Awards to SIM Global Education student leaders, eight were awarded to SIM-University of London students. SIM Global Education has 20,000 students and over 70 student clubs and societies. That same evening, there were two other awards presented. The Impetus Award, generally awarded to sub-committee members and the Impact Award, for those in the Executive Committees. The HELM Award is the most prestigious and reserved mainly for Presidents/Vice-Presidents.

Congratulations to the HELM Award recipients.

Name of Awardee: Jain Arunima
Student Club/Council: SIM International Minority Mix
Programme: BSc Economics and Management
Reasons for getting the Award: As President of SIM International Multicultural Mix (SIM IMMIX), Arunima has shown a great level of commitment in leading a group made up of individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds. Her belief of unity in diversity encourages her teammates to learn and respect each other’s differences when working together. Arunima also serves as one of the Deputy Directors of Events for SIM Economics Society, while being the person at the helm for SIM IMMIX.

Jerwin Antony receiving the HELM Award from Dr Timothy ChanName of Awardee: Jerwin Antony
Student Club/Council: SIM Accounting Association
Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance
Reasons for getting the Award: As President of the SIM Accounting Association, Jerwin (pictured left) strongly believes in servant leadership. He arrives early for events and helps to get the location ready. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and is very hands-on in all the club’s activities and events. He doesn’t only instruct his members; he demonstrates how things should be done. Jerwin is also a compassionate and understanding leader. He delegates work evenly and according to the capabilities of each team member. He is also always willing to help them in times of need. His positive attitude is infectious and he inspires those around him to achieve greatness. 

Name of Awardee: Ker Zhen Wei
Student Club/Council: SIM-UOL Student Representative Council
Programme: BSc Business and Management
Reasons for getting the Award: Zhen Wei is the President of SIM-UOL Student Representative Council. During his one-year tenure, he led a team of nine executive committee members and a membership base of over 200 students. He is a true leader who has the ability to lead a large team and also create value out of diversity while staying positive. Despite the challenges faced during the course of planning and executing projects, Zhen Wei proved he has resilience. His leadership ability shone through during times where he had make unpopular decisions to encourage good administration and maintain responsible behaviour among members.

Name of Awardee: Lee Xing Yoong
Student Club/Council: International Affairs Society
Programme: BSc International Relations
Reasons for getting the Award: Xing Yoong has shown great commitment since she started out her journey in the SIM International Affairs Society as the President. Xing Yoong is responsible for the growth, development and evolution of the club. Under her leadership, she led her team to achieve quality and sizeable educational events that were well received by the students of SIM.  Xing Yoong displays excellent leadership qualities. She is a very positive and driven, articulate and confident individual.

Name of Awardee: Lim Liang Sheng, Mike
Student Club/Council: SIM Dreamwerkz
Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance
Reasons for getting the Award: Mike displays classic servant-leadership. He is soft-spoken and at times, keeps to himself; these qualities did not impede his ability to lead by example, and to motivate his team and dance family through his earnest and responsible persona. Mike was professional when faced with personal and club challenges. He was mindful of his position as club president and was able to make wise and selfless decisions, however difficult they were. He was keen to provide opportunities for the members of SIM’s oldest dance club, and personally saw to the operational aspects in most club events. In 2016 alone, Mike was active in both SIM and external events, he represented SIM-Dreamwerkz and auditioned to perform in one of Singapore's largest dance collective showcases, he was one of the 15 dancers, selected out of hundreds who auditioned. In SIM, Mike was a choreographer for several dance showcases for SIM events, as well as a dancer for others. A hardworking and humble dancer, and a servant-leader to the club. 

Name of Awardee: Lim Yi Ling Eileen
Student Club/Council: Strings Ensemble
Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance
Reasons for getting the Award: Eileen was instrumental in String Ensemble’s club operations for the year of 2016. Having taken effort to understudy the President’s role well before her official term, she proved herself to be willing to learn and eager to contribute to the club. As President of the SIM Strings Ensemble, Eileen and her team encountered numerous challenges, through which she upheld the values of honesty, responsibility and accountability, making difficult decisions yet remaining positive and respectful in the process of doing so. Her growth in 2016 was exponential; and it was possible because she made the choice to step out of her comfort zone to challenge both herself and her team members. 

Name of Awardee: Navaneetha S Nath
Student Club/Council: SIP@SIM
Programme: BSc Business and Management
Reasons for getting the Award: Nava has been the President of Social Innovation Park @SIM since 2014. She has shown a lot of passion and dedication towards the club and the social enterprise sector. Her desire to contribute to society in a positive manner is what drives her and has made her the anchor of SIP@SIM. She continues to inspire other students in SIM to dedicate themselves to social entrepreneurship.

Name of Awardee: Sharmila Buvaneswari D/O Abdul Rasheed Khan
Student Club/Council: SIM Economics Society
Programme: BSc Banking and Finance
Reasons for getting the Award: As President of the SIM Economics Society, Sharmila has shown immense dedication and support to the club. She not only plans events, she actively helps her fellow members operationalise these plans. Her leadership qualities were evident in the Economics Society where she helped to constantly encourage her team-mates and steer the club towards achieving its goal. Sharmila displays excellent leadership qualities. She is also an excellent team player, articulate, and a very bright individual who strives for excellence in all she does. Although Sharmila won the HELM award for her role in the Economics Society, she is currently also President of the SIM Investment and Networking Club.

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