Pondering the new world order at SIM

The US elections, Brexit and Global Disintegration were just some of the topics discussed at the 2016 Economics Summit, reports Sharmila Buvaneswari
The 2016 Economics Summit, SIM Global Education
Participants and speakers at the 2016 Economics Summit
All four seminars were insightful and encouraged broad-mindedness in my approach to those topics

SIM Economics Society (SIMES) is a student-led society at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Global Education), formed by a community of passionate students, committed to learn and research on global economic challenges. The society aims to make the learning of economics fun and enjoyable through a variety of activities ranging from economics discussions to seminars and fun-filled activities beyond the classroom. The SIMES mission is to foster students’ understanding of economics concepts and their applications, and encourage students to actively engage in discussion of global economics issues with possible solutions to the economic problems.

SIMES annually organises a flagship event, The Economics Summit, where industry practitioners and experts are invited to the campus of SIM Global Education to present, share, educate and network with the student body. Held between 7-11 November 2016, the theme of the week-long event was the Global Economic Slowdown, with a focus on the New World Order and Global Disintegration. Four established speakers and a virtual economics-related games day made up the key activities for the Summit. To ensure the concepts were applied in a practical situation, Acronomics, an economics game created in-house by SIM Learning Centre, provided students with a hands-on application. The Centre also sponsored the cash prizes won by students.

"The speakers were experts in the field and I learned a lot."

Planning for this year’s Economics Summit started in February 2016. The ninth executive committee of SIMES spearheaded the organisation with 17 Executive members. The Research and Editorial team was responsible for the newsletter and the panel exhibition at the main atrium of the campus. The Marketing and Corporate Development team was responsible for the invitation and management of the speakers and marketing of the Summit. The sign-up for this year’s events increased by 40% compared to last year’s Summit. Credit goes to the marketing efforts, credibility of the speakers and choice of topics. The Operations department consisted of Human Resource and Events, responsible for the pre-, during and post-execution processes and administration.

The guest speakers of The Economics Summit 2016 seminars were:

  • Mrs Lim Hwee Hua (Former Minister; Singapore Prime Minister’s Office).
  • Dr Pascal Vennesson (Professor of Political Science; RSIS, Nanyang Technological University).
  • Professor Danny Quah (Professor of Economics; Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy).
  • Mr Adrian Chui (Vice President Economics and Investment Strategy; Government Investment Corporation, Singapore).

Professor Danny QuahThe speakers spoke on current topics such as the US elections, Brexit and Global Disintegration. This year, SIMES invited Airlangga University from Indonesia to take part in the Summit and exchange ideologies and global outlook. The attendance at each seminar ranged from 70 to 200. Not surprisingly, the most popular lecture was by Professor Danny Quah (pictured left), who covered the US elections and the effects on Asia two days after the elections took place. He shared his insights and views as students raised questions about the aftermath and the impact on Asia and the rest of the world.

Feedback from the students who participated in The Economic Summit made the hard work satisfying, with one commenting: “The creative exhibition panels at The Atrium grabbed my attention. The QR code to download the newsletter was innovative. It meant I had immediate access to the full articles.”

Another student said: “I attended all four seminars. They were very insightful and certainly encouraged broad-mindedness in my approach to those topics. The speakers were experts in the field and I learned a lot.”

These were a few of the many positive and encouraging comments provided by the students from SIM Global Education. SIMES would like to send their sincere appreciation to SIM Global Education and the University of London in their support of students’ efforts in project management and ideas.

SIMES executive committee for the year 2016-2017:

Name Position Course Year
Sharmila Buveneswari President BSc Banking and Finance 3
Kendrick Tay Financial Controller BSc Economics and Finance 3
Goh Mah Seng Vice-President BSc Economics and Finance 3
Jonathan Paing Zaw Vice-President BSc Economics and Finance 3
Naisa Tussi Vice-President BSc Banking and Finance 3
Nurul Atikah Binte Pauzi Director, Human Resources BSc Economics and Finance 2
Joash Jonathan Goh Deputy Director, Human Resources BSc Banking and Finance 3
Yvonne Sari Putri Director, Events BSc Accounting and Finance 3
Jain Arunima Deputy Director, Events BSc Economics and Management 2
Elvia Chanita Yuwono Director, Marketing BSc Accounting and Finance 3
Sreeparvathy Menon Chief Editor BSc Economics and Management 3
Parikh Divya Sanjay Deputy Chief Editor BSc Economics and Management 2
Jason Tan Deputy Director, Research BSc Economics and Finance 2
Karina Erizka Deputy Director, Research BSc Banking and Finance 3
  • Ms Sharmila Buvaneswari is a final year BSc Banking and Finance student at SIM Global Education. She is the current President of two student clubs, the SIM Economics Society and the Finance Career Chapter by the SIM Career Development Office.
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