From filing lawsuits to directing film shoots

The US-based lawyer and LLB graduate Ken Sibanda has forged a parallel career as a poet, writer and film-maker
LLB graduate and novelist Ken Sibanda
For his latest novel LLB graduate Ken Sibanda has moved into the world of detective fiction

University of London LLB graduate, Ken Sibanda, has a new novel coming out. Entitled Bird Watchers, it sees him moving away from the sci-fi genre of his previous book, The Return to Gibraltar, to embrace the world of detective fiction.

A US-based lawyer, Ken started writing when he was a teenager growing up in Zimbabwe. He spent the first four years of his life in Qunu, a small rural village in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province. Qunu also happens to be the birthplace of another former University of London International Programmes student: Nelson Mandela.

As well as being a novelist, Ken has published two collections of poetry – If God was a Poet and The Songs of Soweto: Poems from a Post Apartheid South Africa – and founded his own film production company, Proteus Filmworks, in 2007. He is currently working on a feature film, Hannibal the Great, based on the life of the great military tactician and Carthaginian general.

Update (7 May 2015)

Ken SibandaKen Sibanda is set to direct ‘Bloody Rhodesia'. The film, which will be shot in Kenya, tells the story of Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe’s pursuit of peace in what was then Rhodesia, in 1979. The film will likely bring to the fore a further understanding of Zimbabwe’s land politics. The script, penned by Ken, will be produced by Proteus Filmworks.

Speaking in his offices in New York, Ken said: "The story is a pretty air-tight affair, here is a country that was involved in a Bush War that many Americans were not aware ever existed. It is an engaging story, fresh and filled with the sought of stuff movie goers want to see. The drama is human and relevant."

More information on Ken's film work is available on the IMDb website.