Setting Sail in Hong Kong

International Events Manager, Lisa Pierre, reports back on a breathtaking boat trip in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Alumni Event 2014
Alumni on board Aqua Luna at the Hong Kong Event April 2014
“I was very excited to see our venue – the timeless classic “junk”, Aqua Luna. It was wonderful to sail out of port with such an international gathering" Daniel Hui

It was as if I had spoken to the weather man and done the deal of a lifetime. All week it had rained in Hong Kong, obscuring its famous and wonderful skyline. The weather had worked against us at previous events. A typhoon the night before an event at Ocean Park lingered in my memory. So as we all gathered at Pier 1 ready to set sail for the alumni event, there was sheer excitement as a beautiful dusky sunset was on the horizon.

As the beautiful Aqua Luna junk boat docked, the masses jostled to take photos and attempt to board. But today this boat was on a special charter for the alumni and students of Hong Kong. As I stood there ticking names off there were attempts to stow away and join us on this voyage.

Hong Kong alumni event 2014So off we set, the skyline towering over us. Truly breathtaking in every way. The Symphony of Lights began over and around us. Many had lived in Hong Kong for years and never been on such a trip. With welcome drinks clutched tightly, guests stood and looked out into the distance. Destination Disneyland. On arrival the boat stopped so dinner could be served on calm seas. The time seemed to be passing so quickly. With luck and the captain's good timing we managed to catch the fireworks display at Disneyland before setting sale to return to Tsim Sha Tsui. So what did the alumni think of such an event? LLB alumnus Daniel Hui (pictured left with Cornelia Zavou) sums it perfectly!

“I was very excited to see our venue – the timeless classic “junk”, Aqua Luna. It was wonderful to sail out of port with such an international gathering. I sensed that our event suggested one common voyage – pursuit of excellence, fulfillment, and recognition of achievement. As the Aqua Luna cruised by Disneyland’s nightly fireworks display, I must admit I felt touched by a sprinkle of that Disney magic. We were exhilarated by the event, as time caught up with us and pursuits awaited us when we sailed into port - the mark of another successful voyage. “

As the boat docked and goodbyes were said, all seemed sad that the trip had ended. It appeared that all had enjoyed the sunset cruise and left with more memories and the wind truly in their sails.

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