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Lisa Pierre and Stacy Simpson gauge the football fever that is about to take over as the FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil.
UoL staff and Bear showing their support for their chosen teams in the World Cup
UoL staff and Bear showing their support for their chosen teams in the World Cup
"I would encourage the England team to keep calm during the build up to each game and not to think too much of what the outcome should be": Nathan Thorndyke

Fans across the globe wait to see if the 20th Fifa World Cup in Brazil will bring back the samba magic that this tournament is destined to deliver. Expectation levels are rising from the 32 participating nations, playing 64 matches over the duration of 32 days, all striving to see if they can emulate or surpass previous results and lift the infamous Jules Rimet trophy.

The journey to Sao Paulo has already made history as it is the first time that all previous world team champions have qualified since the first World Cup started in 1930. As the games first kick-off today we probe our own international supporters around the World to gauge their views on this widely celebrated competition.

Gonzalo Villarruel, Asociacion Internacional de Estudios, Argentina.

How is the World Cup celebrated within your country?
A world cup is a major event in terms of people´s expectations not only for society as a whole but also at an individual level. Families will gather to watch the games, TV monitors are set up in work places, offices, factories, public places, bars, and even in parks. If our team plays during work hours, all activities will be paralysed until the match ends, and should we win, the crowds will take to the streets to celebrate. As our team progresses toward the final rounds of the event, anxiety and unrest will grow. When we lose, there is a general feeling of sadness mixed with frustration in the streets and the work places the following days, and each and every Argentinean will give its own thoughtful explanation of the hows and whys to our national tragedy. But should our team eventually be victorius and win the Cup, millions will flood the streets of every small, medium, and large city to party the whole night long with a sense of national pride and dreams fulfilled

Do you have a favourite football chant?
Argentineans are very creative when it comes to producing football chants, but there is one which has persisted through the past decades, that begins with the sentence, "Vamos, vamos, Argentina..." (go, Argentina, go).

Who do you think will win?
Brazil is always THE candidate, plus they have advantage of being the local team. Argentina will probably reach the finals or semifinals, and Germany is the European candidate

World Cup in Brazil 2014

Christina Maleli BSc Politics and International Relations alumna, Greece.

Which footballer do you think was idolised most?
Diego Maradona in many peoples eyes is the football player of all time . Perhaps it is the combination of his successful football and coaching career and partly the controversies surrounding his image. That I think all contributes the idolised image that people have and still have of him.

Which World Cup footballing moment do you remember most?
The final goal in 2002 Germany vs Brasil.

Who do you think will win?
I think Brazil has a great team, good players and coach, experience , and the fact that the cup is held in their home country and all the supporters they have gives them an advantage.

Grigory Kapliy, BSc Economics and Finance student, Russia

Did you ever play football as a child? What position, favourite memory, any nicknames?
Yes, I did play, what is more football was by far our favourite way to past the time. I remember we used to arrange a pitch around something resembling goal posts. Everyone played all positions at once except goalie which was taken in turns.

Who is your all time football hero?
The professional I admire most is Zinedine Zidane. He is the one who has the spark capable of lifting it above the ordinary, whereas his dedication and humility put him several notches above other talented football stars. 

Who do you think will win?
I would bet on Brazil, their game is appealing, they deserve to come out on top.

Bloomsbury Bear with fans supporting England football team

Nathan Thorndyke, Technical Support Officer, University of London International Programmes (pictured, centre).

Do you have any words of encouragement for your national team?
I would encourage the England Team to keep calm during the build up to each game and not to think too much of what the outcome should be, they should be confident in themselves as they know they are world class players as individual’s and as a team they can be so much more.

Which present footballer would you most like to have dinner with and why?
I have two players in mind Ronaldo and Messi it would be such a hard choice to choose between these two players. The reason behind me selecting these two footballers is they are both currently at the top of their game and the best in football at this time of my life whilst watching the game I love. Messi is a player of natural skill and finesse whilst Ronaldo is a machine who has fought all his life to become the best and be the best.

Who do you think will win?
I believe that Brazil will win the World Cup not only because that have the home advantage, it is because they kick footballs from when they first start walking, football is something that brings Brazil together as a Country it has more meaning than money in Brazil in my personal opinion.

Andrew Otto, Programme Director , Law Faculty, University of Passau

Which past player would you like to have dinner and why?
Actually with two: The brothers Kevin Prince (who plays for Ghana) and Jerome (a German player)  Boateng. I'd love to talk to them about national identity and international football and what it feels like to have one's brother playing for another country.

Which player do you think will win the golden boot?
Junior Neymar from Brasil.

Who do you think will win?
England. It's time again and they'll beat the Germans on penalties in the semi-finals. It's time for that too !

Bloomsbury Bear supporting the World CupChristiana Awoonor, LLB alumna, Ghana.

Many great players never won a world cup. Who is yours?
My great player who never won a World Cup is George Oppon Weah

Only eight countries have ever won the world cup. Apart from your own country and these eight, who would you like to see win?
The Netherlands

Who do you think will win?
I think Ghana will win the World Cup 

We Are One (Ole Ola) & we are ready! Bear is ready! The #WorldCup is here!!! Enjoy! We know we will! 

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