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Professor Roy Chandler, Ms Syvlia Yeo and Dr Zhang Jianlin New research article from SIM's Dr Zhang Jianlin
Head of Programme and University of London alumnus publishes research in leading economic science journal, reports Joshua Joseph
Professor Peter Piot, Clare Wilson and Professor Stuart Reid. Credit: RVC/LSHTM How can we prevent future illnesses?
Two leading University of London scholars press the Government to adopt the One Health policy to tackle urgent threats to global health
Submit your very own selfie video by the end of October Your Big Idea - Selfie Video pilot
We have a wonderful shortlist of videos for you and we look forward to receiving your ideas by the end of October
Faizan Daud addressing the Youth Parliament of Pakistan 'Each sentence was an articulated statement of wisdom'
Pakistan-based LLB graduate and lawyer Faizan Daud on his journey to being elected Leader of the House in the Youth Parliament of Pakistan
Participants breaking the largest typography art logo record at SIM Breaking the largest typography art logo record at SIM
Participants including SIM-University of London students break record at SIM's International Summer Programme, reports Nicole E. Carlson
LLB graduate Ronald Chuckaree, of Trinidad and Tobago A positive contribution to the human experience can be a measure of success
LLB alumnus Ronald Chuckaree urges his fellow law graduates to use their legal knowledge to improve the lives of others
A Century of Influence: University of London hosts T.S. Eliot Summer School
The Institute of English Studies is currently hosting the eighth International T.S. Eliot Summer School, 100 years after he became an Extension Teacher for the University of London
'Grendel', by a theatre group with the University of Sydney for Playing Beowulf Man, monster, or both? Bringing Beowulf to the gaming sphere
Students at UCL have contributed to a gaming project that is designed to engage people with literature and question the stereotypes that 'demonise' video-game players
UK alumni crowd at the 2016 event in Tower Bridge New heights and glass ceilings: the UK alumni event 2016
Students, alumni and staff from the University of London International Programmes savoured the spectacular views from London's Tower Bridge as we gathered to celebrate our UK-based achievers
The winners of the inaugural Charter Day Awards Charter Day 2016
It rained, it poured, but nothing could dampen the collective good cheer at the inaugural Charter Day Awards