Profiles - London Connection

BSc Business Adminstration graduate, Adebayo Ayodele Building skills for an ever-changing business world
For BSc Business Administration graduate Adebayo Ayodele, the degree offered relevant academic content plus the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills
Henry Diaz Leimbacher Shaping new horizons
For MA in Education student Henry Diaz Leimbacher, the ability to combine study by distance learning with study in London proved the perfect match
BSc Accounting and Finance graduate, Frederica A proud future for a Singaporean graduate
Frederica's University of London degree has helped her overcome the challenges she faced as Finance Director of a new company in Singapore
Lisa Gurran-Bhatt, BSc in Computing and Information Systems Getting ahead as a woman in the financial services industry
Lisa Gurran-Bhatt graduated with a BSc in Computing and Information Systems in 2003 and now works at a leading financial services company
Golda Lushington, BSc Computing and Information Systems graduate Changing direction to the IT industry
University of London graduate Golda Lushington talks about her career in IT and overcoming the challenges women face in a male-dominated industry
Conducting an audit Getting a wider picture of business operations
Recently appointed an Associate at KPMG in Malaysia, BSc Accounting and Finance graduate Tan Hui Xian tells us about her career so far
Current MBA student Faye Ekong Thinking outside of the box
MBA student and charity director Faye Ekong talks fear of numbers, unconventional study methods and changing mindsets
MA Global Diplomacy student Mark Robinson A masterpiece of international collaboration
Global Diplomacy student Mark Robinson talks to us about the art of negotiation and working on the largest scientific project in the world
MSc Epidemiology graduate Arthur Sekiziyivu Enhancing careers, advancing research
Uganda-based graduate Arthur Sekiziyivu is using the skills and knowledge gained on the MSc Epidemiology to develop a career in public health research
BSc Creative Computing graduate Jeremy Grech Experience is the best teacher
Having studied BSc Creative Computing himself, lecturer Jeremy Grech offers unique insights to students at Saint Martin's