Interviews - London Connection

Anil Maharjan at his Graduation Ceremony in 2013 London Connection Q&A: Anil Maharjan
BSc Economics graduate Anil Maharjan talks to Lisa Pierre about Mount Everest, the fashion industry and Manchester United
London Connection Q&A: student committee members
Huw Morgan Jones, Student Affairs Manager, sits down with student committee members to hear about what their work involves
Khadija Khan scuba diving in Tahiti From Pakistan to Tahiti (via London and Paris)
Khadija Khan tells how her University of London degree led to a Masters scholarship to LSE and a career in finance that has taken her around the world
London Connection Q&A: Dr David James Cantor
Dr David James Cantor talks to Peter Quinn about refugee protection, researching in a war zone and effecting policy change
Dr Elizabeth Jackson, Royal Veterinary College London Connection Q&A: Dr Elizabeth Jackson
Dr Elizabeth Jackson tells us about food business management and her role in the MSc in Livestock Health and Production programme
BA English graduate Lynn Snyman London Connection Q&A: Lynn Snyman
BA English graduate Lynn Snyman talks to Lisa Pierre about a soft spot for Chaucer, highland dancing and a good glass of Pinot Grigio
LLB alumnus Daniel Hui London Connection Q&A: Daniel Hui
Lisa Pierre talks to LLB graduate Daniel Hui about life in the RAF, being a jack of all trades and playing John McEnroe at the French Open
Ilona Otter working in India London Connection Q&A: Ilona Otter
Rabies control and eradication are important goals for MSc Livestock Health and Production graduate, Ilona Otter
Dr James Abdey, LSE What is the connection between statistics and true love?
LSE academic, Dr James Abdey, shares his expertise on how statistics can help in finding love
Advanced Graphics and Animation, undergraduate computing degrees from Goldsmiths London Connection Q&A: Dr Marco Gillies
We talk to academic Dr Marco Gillies, co-author of our new course in Advanced Graphics and Animation