Interviews - London Connection

Current LLB Student Andreia De Barros London Connection Q&A: Andreia De Barros
Current LLB Student Andreia De Barros tells us about the decision to continue her education, getting a job to pay for it and plans for her future law firm
LLB graduate Catherine Markwell London Connection Q&A: Catherine Markwell
Current LLB student Catherine Markwell talks about finance, the Great British Bake Off and the joy of a duvet day
Prema Micock studied BSc Business Administration London Connection Q&A: Prema Micock
Seychelles-based BSc Business Administration alumna talks about sacrificing a social life, mastering an octopus curry and inspiring tomorrow's youth
Current student Jamshed Kazi London Connection Q&A: current MA student Jamshed Kazi
Jamshed Kazi talks to Lisa Pierre about how his role at the UN inspired his choice to study the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies
Simon Askey, Head, Undergraduate Laws Programme London Connection Q&A: Simon Askey
The newly appointed Director of the Undergraduate Laws Programme talks about the uniqueness of the University of London LLB
Vassiliy Kosov at the University of London graduation ceremony in London. London Connection Q&A: Vassiliy Kosov
We speak to Vassiliy Kosov about studying for two degrees concurrently, winning a scholarship to LSE, and the economic outlook for Russia
Mehak Zaraq Bari London Connection Q&A: Mehak Zaraq Bari
Pakistan-based graduate and law lecturer Mehak Zaraq Bari talks about the difference between gaining a degree and gaining a quality education
Karan Talwar pictured at SIM London Connection Q&A: Karan Talwar
Karan Talwar talks to Lisa Pierre about pushing his comfort zone, his love of the Boston accent and still being a work in progress
Gisela Stuart addressing fellow alumni at the 2014 event at the House of Commons London Connection Q&A: Gisela Stuart
MP Gisela Stuart talks to Lisa Pierre about her election campaign, the value of volunteers and how Twitter is a modern press release
Dionne Jackson Miller London Connection Q&A: LLM student, Dionne Jackson Miller
Linda Cox talks to the Jamaican journalist, attorney and LLM student about schedules and study tips