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Woman reading iPad for career planning Five tips for long term career planning
Planning your career can feel overwhelming but deciding where you want to be in five years' time is a good way to get the most out of your career
Women looking at laptop Top five tips for women to get ahead in the workplace
Have you ever asked yourself how can I become the next CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Find out how you can get ahead in your career
Woman studying on sofa Seven tips for balancing study with work
Advice from the University of London International Programmes
Office workers in a meeting How to get your employer to pay for your Masters study
Seven tips for persuading your employer to help you gain a Masters qualification
A post graduate student checking emails Turning off from technology to focus on study
Apps for students to limit social media and advice to help with technology distraction
A student downloading apps on his mobile Manage apps and safeguard your mobile phone
Tips to protect your privacy, security and mobile bill by monitoring app permissions
Two students talking about the benefits of using Skype Get the most from Skype with your study buddy
Communicate and share learning with your study partner anywhere in the world
Cuppacino at Store Street Espresso in Bloomsbury How to track down good coffee when visiting London
If you are visiting Senate House in Bloomsbury sample the nearby coffee shops or venture forth to the London Coffee Festival in Spitalfields this weekend
Students browsing the internet in an out door café Using Wi-Fi hotspots safely on your mobile in your local coffee shop
Tips to avoid Evil Twin clones and other hacker trickery in public places
Students talking and networking together Get the most out of networking
Brush up on your social media networking skills to help you get from A to B