Specialisation: Computer and communications law

Industrial and intellectual property

Module A [LWM20A]

Intellectual property and technology

Patents and related rights

History and introduction; British, European and international patent systems (as affecting the UK); criteria for patentability; ownership; infringement

Breach of confidence

History and introduction; personal, trade and state secrets; the public interest and other defences

Module B [LWM20B]

Copyright law

Copyright and related rights

History and introduction; the framework of copyright law - UK, Europe and international; subsistence of copyright; ownership; infringement; defences; term; moral rights; related rights - database right, artists’ resale right, performers’ rights.

Module C [LWM20C]

The law of trade marks and passing off

The law of registered trademarks

History and introduction; the framework of trademark law - UK, Europe and international (as affecting the UK); criteria for registration; grounds for refusal; infringement; defences; revocation and invalidity

Passing off

Reputation or goodwill; misrepresentation; damage; standing to sue, including trade associations and foreign claimants; defences.

Module D [LWM20D]

Intellectual property - integrated topics

Justifications for intellectual property

Sanctions for misuse of intellectual property, including civil remedies and criminal sanctions

Law of industrial designs - registered and unregistered systems; overlap with other rights

Dealing with intellectual property rights

Intellectual property and Europe - monopoly and a common market

Module D last.

Jeremy Phillips and Alison Firth, An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 4th ed (London:
Butterworths, 2001), ISBN: 9780406997579

Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman, Intellectual Property Law 2nd ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004), ISBN: 0199264309

Andrew Christie and Stephen Gare (eds), Blackstone’s Statutes on Intellectual Property 8th ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), ISBN: 0199288267

Intellectual property on the internet

Module A [LWM24A]

Digital copyright

Introduction to digital copyright
Copyright Directive and Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Emerging copyright issues
Licensing and rights management in the digital arena

Module B [LWM24B]

Trade marks and other rights in distinctive signs online

Introduction to trade marks
Developments in use of trade marks online
Principle of territoriality and use of trade marks online
Unfair competition

Module C [LWM24C]

Domain names

Introduction to the mechanics of the domain name system
Recent developments concerning domain names and intellectual property
Dispute resolution

Module D [LWM24D]

Computer-related patents

Business methods patents
Software patents
Prior art effect
Enforcement of rights

The modules can be attempted in any order.

David I. Bainbridge, Intellectual Property 8th ed (London: Longman, 2010), ISBN: 9781408229286
Andrew Christie and Stephen Gare (eds), Blackstone’s Statutes on Intellectual Property 8th ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), ISBN: 0199288267

Telecommunications law

Module A [LWM48A]

The purpose and experience of telecommunications regulation

Telecommunications law: introduction

Evolution of telecommunications regulation: models of regulation and market structures

Technology: a foundation

Competition, interconnection and pricing: the economic background of telecommunications law

Social policy and regulation: universal service, consumer protection and privacy

Module B [LWM48B]

Telecommunications liberalization in Europe

The European Union institutions and sources of law

Competition law: ex ante and ex post, the tools of the regulator

Liberalisation and harmonisation: from opening the market to full competition

The New Framework Overview: the 2002 Directives and regulating for convergence

Authorisation and licensing: of networks and services, spectrum and rights of way

Access and interconnection

Universal service

Telecommunications privacy

Module C [LWM48C]

Telecommunications contracts

Access and interconnection agreements: terms and conditions, peering and transit

Mobile agreements

Telecommunications outsourcing contracts

Consumer contracts and protection

Module D [LWM48D]

Telecommunications: the international view

United States telecommunications law and regulation

The International Telecommunications Union and World Trade Organization: the international framework from tradition to trade

Submarines and satellites: the international regulation of outer space and underwater cabling

Regulatory issues in developing markets

The Asian experience

Module A first. Module C only after sections A and B.

Ian Walden and John Angel (eds), Telecommunications Law and Regulation 2nd ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005), ISBN: 9780199274475