Specialisation: Environmental and natural resources law

International environmental law

Module A: [LWM32A]

General aspects of international environmental law 1


Development and sources of international environmental law

Jurisdictional and institutional aspects of environmental governance

General principles of international environmental law

Sustainable development

Module B: [LWM32B]

General aspects of international environmental law 2

State responsibility for environmental damage

Civil liability regimes

Environmental dispute resolution

Human right and the environment

Module C: [LWM32C]

Particular subjects of international environmental law I

Protection of the marine environment

General principles of conservation and biological diversity

Management of hazardous substances and wastes

Climate change protection

Protection of the ozone layer

Module D: [LWM32D]

Particular subjects of international environmental law II

Trade and environment

Financial resources, technology and intellectual property

War and armed conflict in relation to the environment

Nuclear energy and the environment

Freshwater resources

Transboundary air pollution

Polar regions

Start with module A and rest in order.

Philippe Sands, Principles of International Environmental Law 2nd ed (Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2003), ISBN: 9780521521062

International law of the sea

Module A: [LWM34A]

Evolution of the law of the sea

Pre-UN developments


The four Geneva Conventions on the law of the sea


Module B: [LWM34B]

Baselines, the territorial sea and the contiguous zone

The law on drawing baselines

The rights of states in their territorial sea

The right of innocent passage of other states

Rights and duties in the contiguous zone

Module C: [LWM34C]

The continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone

Definition and drawing of the continental shelf

Rights of States in the continental shelf

The concept of the EEZ

Rights and duties of States in the EEZ and its delimitation

Module D: [LWM34D]

The high seas, the sea-bed and dispute resolution

The notion of the freedoms of the high seas

The legal status of the sea-bed and its resources

The International Seabed Authority

Dispute settlement mechanism in the law of the sea

Module A first.

Robin R. Churchill and A. Vaughan Lowe, The Law of the Sea 3rd ed (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1999), ISBN: 9780719043826

United Nations, The Law of the Sea: Official Texts of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and of the Agreement Relating to the Implementation of Part XI with Excerpts from the Final Act of the 3rd Conference (New York: United Nations, 1997), ISBN: 9789211335224

International natural resources law

Module A: [LWM74A]

General aspects of international natural resources law

The development of the notion of permanent sovereignty and sustainable development

International governance and management of natural resources

Property rights and natural resources

Nationalisation and expropriation of foreign-owned property

Module B: [LWM74AB]

Specific issues relating to management of natural resources

Transboundary freshwater management

International law of the sea and natural resources conservation and management

Fisheries management

General principles of the conservation of biological diversity

Dispute resolution

Module C: [LWM74C]

International energy law

International organisations in the energy sector

Climate change law

The regime for exploration and exploitation of offshore energy resources

Energy law and the environment

Module D: [LWM74D]

Energy law in Europe

The Energy Charter Treaty

EU energy law I – market liberalization and regional cooperation

EU energy law II - sustainable energy

The EU climate change law

Module A first.

Textbook details TBC.