Specialisation: Medicine and the law

Intellectual property and medicine

Module A [LWM23A]

Intellectual property of medicine and its sources

International framework and history of intellectual property relevant to medicine

Categories of intellectual property relevant to medicine

European and National systems (UK and designated jurisdictions)

Applications of intellectual property in medical and pharmaceutical industries

Module B [LWM23B]

Access to medicines

Overview of the issues and history of the campaign

Human right to health and the ethics of patents

TRIPS Agreement

Doha Development Round (Ministerial Declaration; Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health; Decision on Paragraph 6)

Paragraph 6 System

Module C [LWM23C]

Patents and life forms

Legal and socio-legal concept of life form

Ethical considerations and exceptions

Medical biotechnologies

International, European and designated domestic frameworks (including European Biotechnology Directive)

Genes and gene sequences


Germ-line modification technology


Module D [LWM23D]

Property in the person

Medical and genetic privacy and intellectual property

Genetic privacy

Genetic sampling and collection; genomic libraries and databases

Traditional medicine and genetic resources

The modules must be attempted in order.

Johanna Gibson, Intellectual Property and Medicine: Current Debates (London: Ashgate,
2009), ISBN: 0754672182

Medical law and ethics

Please note that the modules of this course are no longer available for new registrations. Students currently registered on these modules are able to enter for examinations up to the end of 2017.

Module A: [LWM56A]

Basic concepts in medical law





Module B: [LWM56B]

Access to treatment and malpractice litigation

Resource allocation

Malpractice litigation

Product liability and the regulation of medicines

Liability for occurrences before birth

Module C: [LWM56C]

Legal and ethical issues in medical practice

Mental health law

Clinical research

Organ transplantation

End of life decisions

Module D: [LWM56D]

Legal and ethical issues in reproduction


Embryo and stem cell research

Assisted conception


Module A first, Module D last.

Emily Jackson, Medical Law: Text, Cases and Materials (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), ISBN: 9781859414385