Specialisation: Sports law

Intellectual property and sport

Module A [LWM63A]

Branding in sports

Introduction to sporting brands

Trade mark protection for sports events and sports stars

Using copyright to protect imagery and sounds in sport

Using design rights to protect images, mascots and brands

Passing off and endorsement of events and stars

Sports celebrities image rights

Module B [LWM63B]

Sponsorship in sports

The sponsorship market in sport

The different types of sponsorship available

The sorts of rights granted in sponsorship agreements

The responsibilities of both sponsors and the sponsored party

The sponsorship contract

Module C [LWM63C]

Ambush marketing

Introduction to ambush marketing

Protection of special event symbols (for example, the Olympics)

Anti-ambush marketing laws

The use of domain names to ambush an event

The internationalisation of ambush marketing norms

Preventing ambush marketing: the toolkit

Module D [LWM63D]

Special topics in sports

Broadcasting rights

Ticketing restrictions

Advertising laws and sports branding

Counterfeiting and merchandising

Modules A and B must be completed before C or D is atttempted.

Phillip Johnson, Ambushing marketing: a practical guide to protecting the brand of a sporting event (London: Sweet and Maxwell, 2007), ISBN 9781847033949