Founded in 1891, Goldsmiths is a close-knit community that is characterised by a rich academic history and a creative approach to academic study.

Goldsmiths offers creative and unconventional approaches to subjects in the arts, humanities and social sciences, with a strong emphasis on the highest academic standards.

This stimulating approach means that you won’t find its programmes too prescriptive or predictable. Your courses will be academically directed by some of the best names in the discipline.

Goldsmiths and the International Programmes

The University of London International Programmes offers a number of qualifications developed by Goldsmiths.

It also offers academic direction on the English and Computing components of the combined courses offered in collaboration with Birkbeck.

Students associated with Goldsmiths will become part of an intimate international community that fosters a distinct learning experience and stimulating conversation.

Among Goldsmiths' alumni are six winners of the Turner Prize. Its former students includes the artists, Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst; filmmakers Steve McQueen and Sam Taylor-Wood; and the musicians Alex James, James Blake, and Brian Molko.