Heythrop College

Heythorp College campus

Heythrop is a specialist institute of the University of London and has one of the largest faculties in Theology and Philosophy in Britain. It offers traditional undergraduate degrees and contributes towards combined programmes that involve politics, philosophy and religious studies.

With over a quarter of a million volumes, Heythrop possesses one of the finest collections of theological and philosophical books in the country. It contains a particularly distinguished array of pre-1801 imprints. This is available to students who have access to Senate House Library and the online catalogue.

Heythrop and the International Programmes

The University of London International Programmes currently offers the following qualifications developed by Heythrop College:

Heythrop also currently offers academic direction on the Theology components of the combined courses offered in collaboration with Birkbeck and Goldsmiths.

Founded in the seventeenth century, Heythrop College celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2014, and continues to pride itself on its unique and diverse environment.

Students have the advantage of belonging both to a small community, and to the broad student body of the University of London International Programmes.