Do I need a computer to study?

Do I need a computer to study?

You must have regular access to a computer (or mobile device*) with an internet connection to use the University of London International Programmes website and the Student Portal. These are where your study resources will be located.

Through the Student Portal you can register as a student, enter exams, and access your programme’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE provides you with electronic learning materials, access to the University of London Online Library, networking opportunities, and other resources.

Computer requirements

To get the most from your studies, your computer should have at least the following minimum specification: 

  • a web browser (we recommend the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer). This must accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled;
  • screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater;
  • sufficient bandwidth to download documents of at least 2 MB.

It should also have the following applications installed:

  • a word processor that reads Microsoft Word format (.doc);
  • Adobe, or another PDF reader.

* Full mobile access is not available for all programmes.

Your study programme

Some programmes have courses or modules that use additional software, such as Flash Player or audio. Where this is the case, you will find this information on the 'Requirements' tab of our Course pages.

In addition you may want a printer and suitable storage (or storage device) for your documents.