About your study materials

Student studying in the library

You study using a combination of study materials and online learning resources designed to foster active learning. These are specially commissioned by the University of London College that provides the academic direction for your degree. The colleges have an international standing for their teaching and research, and your study materials draw on their expertise.

The materials are yours to keep, refer to, and write notes on as you study. The materials are also provided online.

University of London Online library

As a student you have access free of charge to our Online Library 24/7. Its resources enable you get the best from your studies and include:

  • over 97 million e-journal titles
  • professional legal databases including LexisNexis and Westlaw
  • a collection of e-books, selected to meet your study requirements.

To enable you to use the library resources effectively we have invested in a state-of-the-art search engine, useful guides, and an enquiry service that is staffed by professional librarians.

Student in the Senate House LibraryUniversity of London Library

If you are in London you can use Senate House Library for a small extra charge. It chiefly focuses on arts, humanities, and social science subjects and contains:

  • an extensive collection of printed and online books including historic and antiquarian books
  • newspapers and news services including digital archives
  • specialist collections, historic maps and rare books
  • history of the University of London and of individuals connected to the University.

Student email account

You will receive a student email account which provides a safe and reliable communication channel.

Undergraduate study

Our workbooks and online learning resources help foster active study. You will be sent your course materials by post and the materials are also available online. For some undergraduate courses you will also need to buy additional textbooks.

The study pack you receive varies by course and you will find details under each course description.

A typical study pack contains:

  • Subject guide written specifically by the Lead College for students.
  • Student handbook.
  • Programme specification - a description of the intended learning outcomes from your course and how these outcomes are achieved.
  • Regulations booklet with information on the rules that govern the structure and content of your award; how you progress through your studies; how and when you will be assessed.
  • Past examination papers.
  • Information on how to access the University of London Online Library.
  • Resources at the University of London library (for a small additional fee).

You have access to a course website (a Virtual Learning Environment) where you will find additional resources. These might include podcasts or audio lectures, activities to test your progress and understanding, newsletters, computer marked assessments and access to our Online Library.

Through the Virtual Learning Environment you can also link up with other students on your course across the world, and participate in our worldwide learning community.

Postgraduate study

Working online, collaboratively with students and tutors, is a feature of most postgraduate courses. You will find enhanced online support such as conferencing, discussion forums supervised by tutors; online lectures, and collaborative group work assignments. There is frequently an opportunity to submit online coursework and receive feedback.

Postgraduate students are usually provided with a complete study pack, so there is no need to purchase additional textbooks. You have access to our Online Library where you can obtain access to the world’s top academic journals.

For most courses you will have online access to a personal tutor, who is a University of London academic, who will support you in your studies.

For a description of the study materials for your course, look for the Study materials tab in your course.