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Welcome to Coursera and the University of London International Programmes

About Coursera and our MOOCs

Coursera is the social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer short, open online courses (often called ‘MOOCs’). Registration and participation in these online courses is free, with a small fee paid at the end of the course if you wish to receive a certificate from Coursera.

We have partnered with Coursera to enable you to study a number of short courses that have been derived from the portfolio of programmes offered by the University of London International Programmes or developed by academics from amongst the University of London’s seventeen federal Colleges.

We currently have the following courses available (start dates differ):

Responsive Website Development and Design Specialisation:

To find out more about these courses and to register to receive notification about when they will be running next please visit the Coursera website.

Master design and technical skills to build your own website

We have developed a MOOC specialisation in collaboration with Goldsmiths which has been designed to teach learners to build, test and deploy a complete mobile-ready web site.

The MOOC Specialisation entitled Responsive Website Development and Design has six component courses with the final one culminating in a project. This will require students to develop and design a website which will showcase their learning and the skills they have developed after completing the first five courses.

The Specialisation is designed to enable learners to understand and develop all the technical layers found in a typical website. These range from the familiar interface text, through to the several layers of technology, right down to the underpinning database structure.

Goldsmiths, University of London, have led on developing this specialisation following a successful bidding process undertaken by Coursera to add new ‘high demand’ courses to its portfolio of 34 such specialisations.

The first of the six component Specialisation Courses for the Responsive Website Development and Design programme will be launched on 15 September 2015, with the full Specialisation becoming available from 15 December 2015.

A Course Certificate, at a cost of $79 each, will be made available for every course completed successfully within the Specialisation. Upon successful completion of the final project and all the component courses, students will be eligible to purchase the overall Specialisation Certificate.

For more information about the specialisation please visit the Coursera website.

Awards for our MOOCs

Understanding Research Methods:
The ‘Understanding Research Methods’ MOOC, developed by the University of London and SOAS, came runner up in the ‘online and distance learning’ category at the Guardian Higher Education Awards in 2015.The Guardian University Awards 2015 logo

Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills:
The ‘Enhance your Career and Employability Skills’ MOOC, developed by the University of London and the Careers Group, won the prestigious 2015 AGCAS Award for Technology sponsored by TARGETjobs. The award was announced on the 2 September at the AGCAS Annual Conference for HE Careers and Employability Professionals.

About us

University of London International Programmes enables you to study for a prestigious University of London degree without attending a University of London College full-time, on campus. You study by distance and flexible learning so you can fit this around your work and family life. Studying one of our short courses via Coursera provides a great preparation for one of our qualifications.

MOOC Reports in 2013 and 2014

Since 2013, we have issued an annual report on our MOOCs, each with a different theme. In 2013 (the first year of our courses), we reported on our objectives for developing MOOCs as well as the development process and statistics on the first 4 courses. In 2014, we mapped our progression against these objectives and through an expansion of our portfolio, we were also able to provide more on the big data behind our courses and include this analysis in the report.

In both years we were pleased to see very high levels of learner satisfaction (2014: 95% and 2013: 91%) and aim to maintain this level through our MOOCs in the future.

Copies of the report can be found below:

Taking your studies to the next level?

If you have completed one of the Coursera courses we hope that this will interest you to register for one of our International Programmes.

Five of our Coursera MOOCs are derived from our full degree programmes, which we have listed below. If you are interested in taking your studies further, you might want to apply for:

See our full range of programmes

How to apply for a University of London degree

You need to meet particular entry requirements to study on our programmes and completing Coursera course does not in itself qualify you to study on one of our programmes nor offer any credit. Please be aware that by completing a Coursera short course, you will not gain a University of London award nor become a University of London student.

Current students applying for Coursera courses

We encourage all our students who are interested in taking a Coursera course to do so but please note it that completion does not count towards your degree.

Current students applying for Coursera courses

We encourage all our students who are interested in taking a Coursera course to do so but please note it that completion does not count towards your degree.

Contacting us

If you wish to take a Coursera course please visit their website to sign up.

If you are interested in studying for one of our programmes, please contact us.