Fee payments

If your application for a part-time loan is accepted, your Student Finance Assessment body will send you a ‘financial notification’ showing the part-time tuition fee loan, instalment arrangements and payment dates. A copy of this financial notification must be provided to the Fees Office, via the student portal or by post, to enable them to confirm the following to the Student Loans Company:

  1. attendance - confirm that you have registered on the programme
  2. tuition fee amount is correct.

Once this confirmation has been provided and the first instalment of the loan is released we can send out your study materials and give you access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

If you are unable to send us your financial notification by 30 November, then you should pay your registration fees so that we can send out your materials and you can start studying. We will then refund your registration fee when we receive your financial notification and have provided the above confirmation to the Student Loans Company.

If you require further assistance please contact us via our enquiries form or via the student portal. Alternatively telephone: +44 20 7862 8360 (option 3).