Student loans

Student loans

Student Loans for University of London International Programmes Fees

If you are registered for your first undergraduate degree programme, diploma or certificate in Higher Education programme, you can now apply for a part-time tuition fee loan to cover the cost of your registration and examination entry fees and London Exam Centre fee. These student loans are for undergraduate tuition fees only. You cannot use a student loan to pay for Postgraduate fees (please see Postgraduate Loans section), Independent Teaching Institutions’ fees or study support sessions or an exam centre other than London.

The eligible courses have now been recorded on the Student Loans Company Database, allowing you to find your course online when applying for student finance.

You must submit your application via one of the four Student Finance Assessment bodies shown below. There are different arrangements if you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Student Finance England  
Website: Student Finance England logo
Student Finance Northern Ireland  
Website: Student Finance NI logo
Student Finance Scotland  
Website: Student Finance Scotland
Student Finance Wales  
Student Finance Wales logo

Please note, as an International Programmes student:

  • If you are studying independently or at an institution, you must apply directly to the appropriate Student Finance body. The University or any teaching institution cannot apply on your behalf.
  • If you are studying at a Further Education college, then you should apply for a loan through your college. The loan will be paid directly to your college and they will be able provide further information.
  • You can only apply for the part-time tuition fee loan, not the full-time loan, even if you are studying your programme full-time.
  • You should select the ‘part-time’ tuition fee loan when applying.
  • You cannot apply for the maintenance grant/loan.
  • This loan cannot be used to pay your application fee or transfer fees.

You should ensure that you enter the University of London International Programmes when selecting the University/College on the application. If you enter incorrect details, such as a Lead College e.g. University College London, then your application will be delayed.