FAQs for Undergraduate loans

When will Student Loans be available?

For current information please refer to Student Finance directly on GOV.UK website.

I am unable to find my course on the Student Finance application.

Please ensure you have applied to the University of London International Programmes and that you have selected Part Time study. If you are still unable to find your course please contact us directly via your student portal.

How much funding should I apply for?

The amount you apply for should be based on the total fees for the current academic year. Your fees should be calculated as follows:
Registration Fee (Initial or Continuing) + Examination Entry Fees + London Exam Centre fees = Total Amount to apply for

If you are not sure please contact us directly via your student portal, as incorrect information will delay your funding.

Will Student Finance send the money for my fees to the University?

Yes, the money will be sent directly to the University.

How do I complete my registration if my fees are paid direct to the University?

Students should complete sections 1 & 2 of their registration and forward your University Payment Advice to us to confirm your funding. Upon confirmation of your funding, you will be provided with instructions to complete your registration.

I've decided to transfer programmes. Do I need to inform the Student Finance?

No. You will need to notify the University who will submit a Change of Circumstances (COC) form to Student Finance showing the changes.

What happens if I don’t receive my funding in time for registration deadline?

You must pay your fees upfront to meet the registration deadline. Once your funding has been agreed we will refund any fees paid in excess of your agreed loan.

What happens if I withdraw from the course?

You must notify the University as soon as you decide to withdraw from the course. Your fees are still payable with the exception if you withdraw within the 14 day cooling off period. Student Finance will be notified of the total loan amount we require for the academic session and your withdrawal.