Information for Employers

University of London graduates emerge from our programmes ready to pursue high-level careers. If you invest in your employees by sponsoring them to take our courses (which include single modules and short courses), you stand to benefit from their knowledge and development.

Transferable Skills

Our students develop transferable skills (such as critical thinking and problem solving) that are an asset to any employer. Since many of them study for their degrees alongside the demands of work and family life, they’re also strong at time-management, working independently, and meeting deadlines.

Proactive and Inquisitive

Our students become perceptive and proactive. They go and find out how to succeed. For example: some of our law graduates have produced a book to help aspiring Malaysian lawyers understand what will be expected from them when they enter the legal industry.

Graduate and Professional Development

There are many benefits when your employees take our postgraduate programmes or Graduate Diplomas. They won't need to take much time away from the workplace, and you'll benefit right away from their new knowledge and ideas. It's also a great motivator for high potential employees. More about professional development.

What you need to know:

How does the academic content of our programmes meet your needs as an employer?

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What are the benefits to sponsoring your employees to study our courses?

In addition to the above, see what employers say about our graduates.

How do you sponsor an employee to study for one of courses?

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How do we offer internships / work placements to University of London students?

There are a number of possible opportunities worldwide, including via some of the well-connected teaching institutions around the world that support our courses.

Contact us to discuss the options.