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Adeolu Ayodeji-Adelodun, BSc Information Systems and Management, Nigeria

Adeolu Ayodeji-Adelodun, alumni

Working for Chevron is totally rewarding. My organisation prides in human capital development as one of our enabling strategies to deliver world-class performance. The company supports educational pursuit. It allows part of annual leave to be taken for educational related activities and examinations.

I am already seeing the evidence of my hard work. My degree programme has given me a different orientation about how things work, how organizations run and how societies function. With the body of knowledge that I have, I can easily spot areas that require attention and provide opportunity in my organization and in society at large. Currently, I am exploring the use of information systems in industrial automation which is directly related to my work environment. As part of using what I learnt, I have been able to coach three different entrepreneurs in the techniques of starting and running a viable and efficient business using the power of information systems and business analysis tools.

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