Graduate and professional development

Ong Soo Ann, partner, Grant Thornton

Ong Soo Ann

We find University of London graduates who studied at Singapore Institute of Management a good fit for our firm, Grant Thornton. In a nutshell I would say - they are every employer’s dream of an employee. They possess a certain level of maturity, willing to learn, independent and street smart. Professionals need a full range of skills apart from technical proficiency.

Grant Thornton International is one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting firms, with more than 2,600 partners in over 100 countries. Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton LLP is the Singapore member firm of Grant Thornton  and currently employs 23 University of London graduates.

There are numerous benefits to sponsoring students on our programmes.

  • Our programmes can be studied by distance learning. Students can fit their studies around their working lives and won't need extended time away from the workplace.
  • Employees will be able to apply their new knowledge and ideas in your workplace from the start.
  • Sponsoring your staff enables you to reward and motivate your high potential employees, while equipping them with the skills and knowledge to take your business forward.

Read more about sponsoring employees.

Motivate employees. Gain knowledge

Our courses offer a valuable way of gaining up-to-date technical and specialist knowledge for your organisation. They also allow professionals to make the most of their existing professional qualifications.

Our MSc Professional Accountancy enables qualified ACCA members to gain a master's by completing just two modules.

Our new Global MBA includes a Strategic Project, which allows candidates to simulate the running of their own firm.

Many of our postgraduate programmes require a dissertation under expert supervision, which can be based on issues in the workplace. This could act as consultancy for your business, bringing fresh thinking and insights.

Ideal flexibility

Our programmes are ideal for multinational employers. Managers can study wherever they are based, and if they are relocated within your organisation, they can still continue with their studies.

Our programmes allow multinational employers looking to develop the same competencies worldwide to deliver a consistent standard globally. Read more about our quality assurance procedures.

Continuing professional development

Individual modules from our degree courses can be taken for continuing professional development purposes. These allow your staff to keep up to date with latest developments or to gain specialist knowledge.

Successful study may also count towards the CPD requirements of certain professional bodies.

For details of courses available, see courses relevant to your business sector.